Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Social media challenges are keeping people busy

There is a new challenge every week now, and some Bajans are not missing a beat while on quarantine, or 24-hour curfew.

As most of the world is practising social distancing due to COVID-19, many have taken to social media to participate in these fun activities with their followers as their means of still having some form of interaction.

Both Twitter and Instagram are flooded weekly, but even daily with a few ongoing challenges as individuals are spending most of their day at home.


One of the earliest ‘Instagram challenges’ used in Barbados was especially catered to women. Women were encouraged to post a selfie to their Instagram story with the hashtag #challengeaccpted followed by tagging 10 women who are beautiful. This spilt over onto Facebook as well.

Why did the #challengeaccepted hashtag spread like wildfire?

This challenge quickly spread as women seemed eager to be a part of this "positivity", for their followers to witness. Some even shared encouraging words along with their posts for the beautiful women who they nominated.

10 for 10

The 10 for 10 challenge quickly followed. Even though this challenge was male-dominated, many women did not shy away from the task. This challenge required participants to do 10 pushups on camera, post it to their Instagram story, then tag 10 others in the post so they too could do 10 pushups as well.

Until Tomorrow

The ‘until tomorrow’ challenge varied slightly from other challenges.

Instagram users had to post an unflattering picture of themselves to their page with the caption ‘until tomorrow’. If one of their followers liked the picture, they also had to post an ‘ugly’ photo of themselves. Those who posted a picture of themselves were only allowed to remove the photo after 24 hours of posting it.


One of the more recent challenges is the #naturalhairchallenge. With this challenge, those involved had to post a picture with their natural hair then nominate 10 people by tagging them so that they could post a picture of their natural hair.


Barbadian women used their Instagram stories to post photos of themselves and their children while tagging 10 more mothers to do the same.

Twitter Four challenges

Does fun come when you're alone or in pairs? Actually three is a crowd. But oh well, on Twitter the challenges called for four somethings.

4 Years, 4 Pics

Twitter users made sure that they also had their own version of challenges. For those who wanted to tweet and join in on the fun, you had to post four different photos of yourself. One photo must be from 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

4 Hairstyles, 4 Pics, Same Person or is it?

People were asked to post four photos with themselves wearing four different hairstyles. These hairstyles ranged from their natural hair to extensions, and when guys hopped on this thread the haircuts came through. 

"Ooohs", "Ahhhhs", "WTH?", "Wow", "Growth", "Thicker than a snicker" - Top six comments when tweeps did this challenge.

What challenges have you participated in?

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