Friday 3 July, 2020

Solar eclipse brings Barbadian families and friends together

The Barbados Community College (BCC) was a hive of activity during the solar eclipse.

The Barbados Community College (BCC) was a hive of activity during the solar eclipse.

As persons throughout the united states and other parts of the world joined together to observe the solar eclipse on Monday, many persons in Barbados used the opportunity to share the experience with their loved ones.

This was evident at the Barbados Community College (BCC), where Minister of Culture and Youth, Stephen Lashley, was among those gathered on the field to view the phenomenon. It was truly a time for double celebrations, as the BCC was also the place for the CARIFESTA XIII Youth Village. 

Youth and Culture Minister Stephen Lashley joins young people at the Barbados Community College to observe the solar eclipse.


Minister Lashley stressed that the occasions such as the eclipse helped to stimulate young minds and may even encourage them to develop an interest in science:

"The question was poised, whether you should allow children to go out and view it because of the dangers of looking at it with unprotected eyes, and the interesting answer was that you should allow children to do this, with protection. 

"One never knows what the experience may bring - it could result in a scientist, somebody who gains some kind of insight and wants to find out more about the solar system. So I think for us in Barbados, we are joining the rest of the world in this mystery and it has the buzz as you can hear - the young people they want to see, they want the clouds to move so that they can see what the eclipse looks like... I always identify with the curiosity of young people, I think they are the leaders of tomorrow and I think it's good to encourage them to be inquisitive...

"We've been talking a lot about innovation, how we could have more young people involved in science and technology and this is all about it, this is all about enquiring and finding out more about our universe, and I think that that is good for our young people."

(left to right) Jakayla Small, Alystra Clarke, Donna Clarke.


Donna Clarke was excited to be there with her daughter and told Loop News what it was like:

"It was an amazing experience. I never experienced anything like this in my lifetime and I really wanted to see it, so we were here from about 2:15. Our visit was twofold, we are going to take in some of the CARIFESTA events - look at some of the visual arts and other arts that are available - and we heard that the solar shades were available. 

"The view was absolutely amazing - it's hard to describe - it was circular, like a pie with a piece missing," she said while laughing. "It was beautiful and orange... it disappeared now, so we are just waiting for it to come back so that we can see the rest of the eclipse. I am just excited to see the rest of it and to share this experience with my daughter."

Her daughter Alystra Clarke also cherished seeing the eclipse:

"It was a good experience, so different. I never really imagined something like this happening or never heard of it until today. It's not going to happen anytime soon again, so I'm glad I came out here and saw it. "

They met little Jakayla Small during their visit to BCC and she also shared her experience with Loop: 

"When I got to see it I was really excited and I was telling everybody about it."

Dancer Justin Poleon centre in blue and green; CARIFESTA Xlll volunteers in orange shirts: Tammy, Rihanna  Tsian and Destiny.


Some of the volunteers with the CARIFESTA XIII - "Tsian, Destiny, Rihanna and Tammy - were on hand to view the eclipse and shared similar sentiments about the experience:

"It was awesome and I really enjoyed it;" "I enjoyed it but I was expecting more - hoping the skies clear up and I can see more of it".

While dancer Justin Poleon wished that he could see more of the eclipse he still enjoyed it enough to move it from the skies onto the stage: 

"I'm a dancer, artist, choreographer, makeup artist and anything with stage and the arts and I'm thinking about creating a piece about the eclipse," said Poleon.

Did you also join with family and friends to view the solar eclipse yesterday?

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