Sunday 22 April, 2018

Solutions Barbados announces nine candidates

One of the new parties on the political landscape has announced nine candidates for the upcoming elections.

A year after its April 2016 launch, Solutions Barbados, led by Grenville Phillips II, has revealed a number of business owners across a range of sectors as it first slate of candidates.

Phillips, a structural engineer with 25 years’ experience, will contend for the St George North seat and will lead a team that so far consists of Benjamin Niles, building contractor (St Philip West); Andrew Banfield, computer software specialist (St George South); Robert Toussaint, juice manufacturer (to be confirmed); Ronald Lorde (St Philip South) and Julie Chalbaud (Christ Church South), both business owners; Angela Edey, hair specialist (St. Michael West-Central); administrator Cherone Martindale (St John), and computer specialist, Andre Griffith (St James North).

They each have between 13 and 33 years’ experience in their respective fields.

In making the announcement, Phillips said, “Anyone who has been able to maintain a business in this economic environment, without Government assistance, has done well. Managing a business for over a decade can help prepare an individual to manage our national economy. Each of the Solutions Barbados candidates that we are announcing has over a decade of experience, and are willing to represent the people in their constituency in Parliament, and manage the national economy for the benefit of all of our residents and visitors.”

The statement added, “We have decided to run because we cannot watch our country decline and simply watch from the side-lines.We are also not prepared to leave our national debt to our children.”