Saturday 4 July, 2020

Solutions Barbados committed to delivering their promised policies

Leader Grenville Phillips (FILE)

Leader Grenville Phillips (FILE)

On the eve of Polling Day, Solutions Barbados is reminding registered voters that they are ready to serve Barbados.

Issuing his final press release before the General Election, the Founder of Solutions Barbados and Candidate for St. George North, Grenville Phillips II described the journey to this point as "an interesting three years". 

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Phillips said that slate of candidates "have not assembled to simply sit as Opposition parliamentarians and watch Barbados fail – a certain outcome if the economy is managed by any of the established political parties.  any economists have arrived at the consensus position that neither the BLP nor the DLP have [sic] the discipline to properly manage Barbados’ economy, and that the IMF would do a superior job.

"We need to be reminded that both established parties have finally brought us to where Guyana and Jamaica were before their currency was devalued. They have both brought Barbados to the brink of economic ruin, but now have the gall to promise us the most severe austerity for their gross mismanagement."

He said that Solutions Barbados promises to keep the promises they have made over the past three years since they released their manifesto and plan. "We are also the first political party whose candidates have committed themselves to the electorate, to be faithful to the policies to which they are seeking election, by agreeing to sign a contract with a severe financial penalty for each and every breach," he pledged.

And to those who are saying that a vote for a non-traditional party is a waste, he refuted the claim by boldly stating, "Some think that Solutions Barbados is some type of third party.  Let me declare that Solutions Barbados is not a third or even a second party, but a first party.  Solutions Barbados is the first political party where all of its candidates are born-again Christians from many different church backgrounds but are not divided because of theology.

"We are the first party to have 13 women, and 3 married couples as candidates in a general election.  We are the first party to propose an anti-corruption policy that can actually stop corruption and to publish our manifesto for public scrutiny approximately 3 years before a general election.  We are the first political party with a chartered structural engineer as a candidate or leader."

Ahead of tomorrow's election, the leader reiterated that Solutions Barbados candidates are all innovators. "They are all are ready, willing and competent to effectively serve the people, properly manage the economy of Barbados, and be held accountable. We have done our best. Now Barbados, the choice is yours."

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