Monday 22 July, 2019

Spare those at the bottom, urges Senator Franklyn

Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn has once again laid allegations of rampant corruption within the public service and is calling on the Mottley-administration to address the hiring and appointment practices within the service.  

Further to that, Senator Franklyn appealed to the PM to consider making the "inevitable" layoffs from the top- with those whose were taking home a large salary for doing nothing, as opposed to those at the bottom who are “living pay check to pay check”.  

In his contribution to the debate on the Public Service (General) Orders, 2018, Senator Caswell took major issues with the practice of “promoting friends” which he said has been done by politicians in this administration and previous ones.  

“The public service needs to be taken away from the politicians and [have] a Commission of Inquiry into the public service to see what is happening. It is being destroyed on a daily basis by politicians.”  

He alleged there is much political bias which has resulted in people being hired, appointed and promoted to high-rank positions based on friendships.  

He urged PM Mottley to start swinging the retrenchment axe at the top, starting with Permanent Secretaries and Cabinet Ministers. He claimed, with twenty-six Ministers, government had more than what was needed to run the country, adding there were “ministers with jobs but no work”.  

Senator Franklyn also went onto criticize the Bill before the House intended to grant public servants a five per cent salary increase to take effect from August and estimated to cost government $60 million.  

Under the new amended legislation, he calculated Permanent Secretaries would receive an increase of $616.36, the Prime Minister $846.56, while maids, messengers and clerks would receive an increase of only $96. 84.  

“People who need the money least of all, getting a whopping sum, the people at the bottom who really need it who have children to send to school, who have a mortgage to pay … these people are not in any better position.” 

He suggested government needed to redistribute $60 million so those at the bottom get more than “pittance”.



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