Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Special Old Year's celebration for Nightengale Children's Home

The children of the Nightengale Children’s Home rang in the New Year in spectacular fashion on Saturday at the institution’s complex.

A New Year’s Eve party, hosted by the Kids Care Centre, was filled with food, fun, friends and a famous former resident – Olympian Akela Jones.

The inaugural event was the brainchild of the Kids Care Centre’s Director Talitha Forde and Assistant Director Tazieo Riley, who planned and conducted the event in a mere month, according to Forde.

Forde explained to Loop News that after just two years of operation, the Kids Care Centre has built a steady relationship with the Nightengale Home stemming from the centre’s homework programme, which Forde is very thrilled about.

Forde was very appreciative of the support given by the general public who made a variety of donations as well as corporate entities such as Hanschell Inniss and Starcom Network, who chipped in quite generously.

“The support has been tremendous,” Forde said excitedly.

National Olympian and a former resident of the Nightengale Home, Akela Jones, was present for the event and could be seen playing in the jumping tent and dancing with the children.

Jones gave her stamp of approval as she said it brought her great happiness to see the smiles on the children’s faces.

She also encouraged the Kids Care Center to continue their relationship with the home and do social and educational programmes for the children, for she deems them helpful as they were for her during her time as a resident.

“I grew up in the children’s home and I know how it feels, so I know like a recurring face is what helps kids to get through phases of their lives”.

“Doing good stuff… making other people feel happy and excited  about life is something that is compulsory to my life.  So even if it wasn’t a party, I would have still visited,” said Jones.

Forde revealed that ultimately the Kids Care Center plan is to have a full-service facility for children that will include a pre-school, primary school, and daycare all under one roof.

However, their next project will be the 2017 summer camp, “Build a better citizen”.

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