Sunday 29 March, 2020

SSA working to improve communication and garbage collection



The days of not knowing when or if the garbage truck will be in your district will be less, with an improved communication system in the works at the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA).

Presently, the SSA is working its way through the piles of garbage which have mounted up over the holidays last week into this week, so they intend to not only work on their communication but their collection as well.

Speaking to Loop News on Thursday, May 2, 2019, the SSA Public Relations Officer Carl Alff Padmore said:

"We are conscious that there is a backlog of garbage on the road and we're trying our best to get it off the road, so we're trying a little community information programme going where ever so often we will alert communities that we are coming in to their areas.

"It's not a full-fledged programme yet. Eventually, we would like to go that route, but at present we are just, as we see a build-up, giving different districts and corridors announcements that we are coming."

He said that so far the feedback is "good". Therefore he pledged that they will continue to try to keep the public aware of what is happening in terms of sanitation.

When the question was posed of issuing notifications about breakdowns or disruptions to the service, so that citizens can make the necessary adjustments and arrangments for the garbage they have for disposal, he said the SSA is at this time looking at a whole revamping of how public relations and communications are conducted. "That is not only in the plans", he said, "it has gone past the planning. We are trying to find the best ways and that is one [area] that will be given serious consideration but for now, the priority for is getting the backlog of garbage dealt with." 

Furthermore, he said at this stage because the SSA does not have trucks assigned to every district, with respect to notices about breakdowns, "we are unable to give accurate information, but what we can give would be alerts [about collections]."

The SSA currently has a fleet of just over 20 trucks in operation. Padmore added, "Once we get our full complement then we would be in a position go a step further."


For those querying how many trucks would be needed in total to better service the island, he explained, "You have over 150 districts in Barbados but you don't need one-hundred-and-fifty-something trucks, because you can lick-off some districts in a day. So basically, as the Minister would have said before, if you had 30 trucks on the road you'd be able to serve the districts in Barbados where you can get a collection every seven to 10 days." 

Trucks were dispatched to the trouble areas in St. Michael, Christ Church, St. Thomas, St. George, St. James and St. Andrew namely Atlantic Shores, Rendezvous, Forde's Road, Silver Hill, Kendal Hill, Vauxhall, Coverley, Fairview, Kingsland, Emerald Park, Bagatelle, Lancaster, Husbands, Church Gap, Jackmans, Friendship, Station Hill, Bank Hall Main Road, Bush Hall Main Road, Collymore Rock, Ivy Main Road, Grazettes, Worthing, Eden Lodge, Nelson Street, Bayland and Pine Gardens. 

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