Wednesday 21 October, 2020

St George North deserves 'workable' solutions, asserts Phillips

Grenville Phillips II

Grenville Phillips II

Constituents in St George North want work above all else.

Solutions Barbados believes that this is the desire which sits at the top of the needs' list for constituents as the constituency gears up for the November By-election.

Candidate Genrville Phillips II said:

"From my visits to almost every community in St George North, I have found one consistent desperate need. The employed want work for the unemployed, and the unemployed want work. All other issues were secondary.

"All five candidates in this by-election - BLP, DLP, Solutions Barbados, UPP, and PdP have a responsibility to propose workable solutions to the unemployment problems in St George North. The plans must not depend on new government funding, because the Government will claim that they have no money. 

"If a candidate does not have a workable plan, then they need to devise one. The plan should be fully operational in the 30 months remaining in the current election cycle."

Calling on his fellow candidates not to try to hoodwink or fool the constituents into giving them the 'X' with pipe dreams, he urged:

"If a candidate does not have a workable plan, then they should stop pretending that they do. It is unconscionable to give desperately hurting people false hope and empty promises!"

At this time in this post-COVID-19 era with he world's economy shooked, not just Barbados', Phillips believes that "The people of St George North do not only need a Member of Parliament (MP) in this by-election. There are so many MPs in the House of Assembly, that the Prime Minister does not know what to do with them. The people of St George North need someone to manage workable employment generating projects."

With many still referring to St George as the bread basket of the country, the parish that should be utilised best for agricultural purposes, he said that Solutions Barbados' "plan is designed to make St George North the most prosperous constituency in Barbados."

But it's not the plan alone, Phillips is assuring constituents that he has "capacity to implement it." 

He said: "All constituencies in Barbados are hurting. St George North voters have a responsibility to give them hope, and not let them down. They can do this by voting for the best plan for themselves, not their party.

"If people are prospering, then families, businesses, churches, and community organisations automatically benefit."

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