Monday 30 November, 2020

St Maarten: Coalition government needed

Photo courtesy Government of Sint Maarten.

Photo courtesy Government of Sint Maarten.

A coalition government will have to be formed again in St Maarten following the results of its 2020 Parliamentary Elections.  

The Sint Maarten Government’s Department of Communications released the results after 4 am, today, January 10, 2020.  

Political party National Alliance led by incumbent Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs grabbed six out of the 15 parliamentary seats.  

The  United People's (UP) Party got four seats, the Party for Progress won two, the United St Maarten Party gained two and the United Democrats captured one.  

Out of 23,106 eligible voters, 13,735 went to the polls to cast their vote, a 59-percent voter turnout.  

The National Alliance received the bulk of the votes - 4,694, the UP Party - 3,232, the United St Maarten Party - 1,759, the Party for Progress - 1,408, United Democrats - 1,162, the St Maarten Christian Party -752 and the People’s Progressive Alliance - 326.  

The newest political party on the scene, the Party for Progress (PFP) scooped up two seats in the election.  

Political leader Melissa Gumbs says the party is humbled by the results.  

Gumbs said: “We ran the best campaign we could with the time that we had. We incorporated this party in September 2019 which is unheard of and for a brand-new party, with brand-new people who never sat in government to garner two seats, it is almost surreal.”    

The political party is also waiting to see what happens in relation to a coalition government.  

Meanwhile, the People’s Progressive Party which came out empty-handed in the election, in a statement says although it did not get a seat in Parliament it will continue its community outreach and support.  

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