Monday 15 July, 2019

St. Michael man on bail for assaulting female bartender

A man who preferred to drink his Deputy beer from a glass bottle instead of a plastic cup, hit the bartender in the head with a drink dispenser when she informed him of the bar's policy. 

As a result, Ronald Sylvester Lewis, 37, Branker's Gap, Government Hill, St Michael ended up before the District "A" Magistrates' Court charged with damaging a napkin holder and drink dispenser, assaulting and unlawfully wounding Alana Walcott on June 23. 

Prosecutor Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim said Lewis went to the The Old Jamm Inn Nightclub, in St Lawrence Gap around 3:30 a.m. He made his way to the bar and ordered three bottles of the beer. However, the bartender told him there was a policy prohibiting the sale of alcohol in bottles after 12 a.m.  

She then began to dispense the beers into three plastic cups much to Lewis' disapproval. Lewis reached over the bar and attempted to help himself by removing the bottles.  

Walcott tried to stop Lewis and a confrontation ensued. Lewis threw a cup of the beer in her face and though she retreated, he picked up a drink dispenser by the bar and threw it at Walcott's head; causing a laceration. The police were summoned and Lewis was arrested. 

Lewis, who is known to the court for disturbances, said he went to the club on Saturday morning and "started drinking nuff beers". 

He said although he understood the policy his preference was glass bottles. 

"I normally enjoy my beer in a bottle" 

"She was laughing at me and the drinks was in me so I just splash the cup in her face and that's how it start," Lewis said before offering his apology to Walcott who sat in the courtroom. 

The magistrate reviewed Lewis' conviction card showing a disturbance from 2009 which carried a now expired suspended sentence. 

In speaking to the court, Lewis said he was a hard-working man in construction trade for the past three years. 

When questioned about whether he had a drinking problem, he told the court he did drink regularly. 

"I only drink [on] Friday night when I go to Oistins, " he said, adding that he was introduced to the Gap recently and this was his first time there.  

As Walcott, who is small in stature walked to the stand, the magistrate scolded Lewis for taking advantage of the young woman. 

"You really take advantage of this young girl, you were like bully."  

The judicial officer said Lewis ignored the rules which Walcott correctly enforced. 

"If it was a muscle man or bouncer you would not have done that but you felt that you could unfair her." 

Walcott, who has been a bartender for four years, said she suffered injury to her head and finger. The injury to her finger, she explained, required medical attention every two weeks to ensure that the risk of amputation remained low. 

Addressing the incident, Walcott said she remained cordial and professional as she was at her place of work. 

She added, however, that she would be needing compensation to cover her bills. As a result, the court asked that the bills be presented to the court to determine the amount Lewis would have to hand over. 

Lewis was granted $2500 bail and told to gather his money for payment of the compensation. The matter was adjourned until August 15.  



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