Thursday 9 April, 2020

Maria Holder Trust Nursery Oldbury promotes healthier lifestyles

Rakenzie Pierre-Calendar holding the Love Walk and Health Fair photo frame.

Rakenzie Pierre-Calendar holding the Love Walk and Health Fair photo frame.

The Maria Holder Nursery School at Oldbury is ensuring that their students are living healthy lives. This is why they hosted a Love Walk and Health Fair. 

This school is seeking to cultivate healthy citizens from the ages of three years old and four years old, and curb the prevalence of Diabetes, Obesity and other non-communicable diseases which are a cause for concern in Barbados.

The Principal of the school, Sharon Knight, along with the Event Coordinator, Caisha Greaves, held their annual Love Walk and Health Fair in the Gemswick, Oldbury and Rock Hall, St Philip area. This year, however, the school teamed up with the We' Gatherin committee to execute this event. 

Greaves told Loop News that this is "not the only way the school is teaching love to our students". They make sure that the children show love daily during their time at school. The school distributes tokens to parents and recently visited a retirement home taking donations of hampers and handmade gifts for the residents. 

Though, July is the allotted month for the St. Philip We' Gatherin activities officially, since the young students will be on their summer vacation break, they decided to have this collaboration to mark Valentine's instead. 

The event was not limited to the students of the school but also saw the parents of students, students for other schools in St. Philip and for the first time this year - the community. 

This walk and health fair is the school's way of promoting a healthy lifestyle for children and parents. During the course of the day, there was a CPR demonstration for parents hosted by the Barbados Red Cross, an aerobics session, a football tutorial hosted by Kick Start, a self-defence demonstration and a first-aid demonstration. 

Those who attended the health fair were also given the opportunity to buy vegetables, fruits and natural products while having free health checks and breast examinations. 

Additionally, the school provided an information booth where attendees were exposed to healthy recipes that can be used for themselves and for the children.


"Three things in life – your health, your mission, and the people you love. That’s it."

-Naval Ravikant 

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