Saturday 26 September, 2020

Star of film Joseph, Kevoy Burton making a move for Nollywood

Jamaican actor Kevoy Burton has his eyes set on entering the booming Nollywood industry. 

Touching base with Loop News during the week-long Barbados Independent Film Festival (BIFF), Burton revealed he will be moving to Ghana in February. It can be said that the main actor identified with the multifaceted and conflicted character of Joseph as he follows in his steps to create a home in his “motherland”.

Burton recently left BIFF audiences wowed at the premiere of the thought-provoking production, Joseph, by celebrated Barbadian director and producer Marcia Weekes. 

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“Joseph is someone who wants to go back to Africa [and] Kevoy is someone who wants to go back to Africa. Kevoy is going back to Africa . . . . I have always known that my home wasn’t Jamaica. I have always known that it isn’t somewhere else where I can build, where I can create a legacy for my kids or my generation so I always thought the ceiling was too small in Jamaica,” Burton told Loop News

“I didn’t see opportunities for me as a person so I decided I wanted to go back to Africa or wherever it was, and I went to Ghana and I found home. I want to break into Nollywood so I am going to Ghana to settle but I want to work in Nigeria,” he continued. 

The film Joseph tells the inspirational story of a young Jamaican doctor who was raised to follow in his father’s footsteps but seeks to deny his family’s norms and embrace the natural and herbal approach of healing taught by his Maroon father. After experiencing tragedy, he decides to fulfill the promise made to his grandfather and journeys to Ghana to find his truth and the truth of his ancestry. 

Though the film has been getting quite the buzz since its premiere, Burton believed that the Caribbean peoples have failed to recognize Africa as their home and embrace their ancestry. He sought to dispel stereotypical images and ‘fake news’ that Africa was poor and its people were on the brink of starvation. 

“The important message is this; Africa is not suffering, Africa is not a place where children have big bellies and flies on their nose and their faces. There are a lot of rich places in Africa and people in Africa and Africa wants people to come home hence the year of the return last year. People need to wake up and go back to Africa and build and develop their own.”

The Loop family wishes Burton all the best. Burton was a writer with Loop Jamaica for a stint.

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