Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Stiffy: Best birthday gift

Stiffy during his winning performance at the 2017 Bashment Soca Finals.

Stiffy during his winning performance at the 2017 Bashment Soca Finals.

They say the bigger the sacrifice, the greater the reward.

In the case of Shayne "Stiffy Star Quality" Atkinson, the reward was $50,000, with him having dedicated his birthday to preparing "Tip and Ben Ova" in his bid to defend his crown in the Yello Bashment Soca Competition Finals on Phenomenal Friday.

As it was announced that he had achieved the feat, an elated Stiffy began jumping around the stage before being joined by supporters congratulating him.

A few moments later when he was given the opportunity to speak with his fans, the defending champion professed that his birthday on Friday was not quite enjoyable because the only thing on his mind that day was his performance.

"Today I did not focus on nothing else but coming out here and performing for the people that I love.”

He added:

"You could imagine that a man would like to enjoy heself for he birthday and got to think ‘bout people that coming to perform in front of he and sing bout he and all of that?"

"I aint enjoy my birthday till now!"

He excitedly welcomed his family, friends and supporters on stage to share the precious moment as he collected his prizes.

"Somebody bring my mother, bring my manager, bring my dancers, bring my team! Somebody bring the whole of Star Quality Entertainment on the stage right now!"

"I just want to say a lovely night to everybody that come out and support everything. Nuff love to all the fans that supporting the music all the time. And they thought that bashment soca will never make it nowhere.

“All the people that believe in a dream and does work hard towards their dream. All the poor people in The Pine, the taxes can’t affect we because we love life and we gine live and enjoy weself. Nuff love! Plug in to wha? Plug in to all!"

When asked, the only plans he expressed for the $50,000 right now is to "help pay the mortgage".

The Bashment Soca King also walked away with a commemorative trophy, a Bass Inc studio recording contract and will be plugged in to Soca on The Hill and Soca Royale compliments 4D Entertainment and the National Cultural Foundation, respectively.

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