Wednesday 24 July, 2019

Stiffy: I'm ready to defend my title!

Bashment Soca artistes ready

Bashment Soca artistes ready

Bashment Soca King, Shane "Stiffy" Atkinson is gearing up for the 2017 Bashment Soca Competition slated to take place on Friday, July 7th.

Last year he told patrons to "Tek Off Something" and walked away with the first-ever Bashment Soca King title and a brand new 2016 Kia Picanto. This year he plans to follow suit having recorded three songs so far, and he is working towards recording a few more.

"So far I have three songs that are finished. We're just waiting on the release dates. One [Mavis] has been previewed on the radio so far but otherwise than that, the others are coming soon," he said.

Admitting to Loop that he will definitely be defending his crown this year, he singled out the competition as the perfect platform for artists.

"Going forward I will be defending my crown in 2017 for sure! The competition is a good platform for the younger artists to come and showcase their talent and show diversity. When they get to this level obviously they will know that they will have to write better music, sing cleaner lyrics and give a better outlook on what they're doing as the craft of bashment soca."

Although the competition’s organisers are adamant that this year there still will be no second and third place, Atkinson professed that he is still "50/50" about the whole idea.

"Really and truly, in all competitions I've seen previously, there are first, second and third, but for me personally in anything that I do, I always set up myself to go out there and give my best shot. I wouldn't want to go out there to come third or second; I'm going out there and put my best foot forward to I'm 50/50 on it."

Respect the bashment soca genre

He pointed out that recently many young artists have been releasing songs under the label ‘bashment soca’, without completely understanding the genre. However, he believes that as long as the brand continues to grow, the younger generation would be given opportunities to learn and perfect the craft.

"A lot more entries coming in, a lot more youngsters bringing out songs and labeling it as bashment soca, but as long as there is growth within the brand as a genre then there would be ways to teach the youngsters more how to perfect the brand of performing and singer proper music for the public."

He also called for the need for more recognition of the brand [bashment soca] as well as some more help being put there for local entertainers to travel abroad so that they could showcase their talent as well. 

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