Friday 18 September, 2020

Stiffy wants school bullies to practice The Golden Rule

Shane 'Stiffy' Atkinson presented to Leacock's Primary Top Student Choiselle Joseph and Principal Sybil Leacock.

Shane 'Stiffy' Atkinson presented to Leacock's Primary Top Student Choiselle Joseph and Principal Sybil Leacock.

Shane ‘Stiffy’ Atkinson is helping students get prepared for school.

With bullying being an issue in our educational institutions, Stiffy called out bullies to be better and do better as well as the new academic year commences.

He said:

“To the ones that feel they can unfair or insult or harm in any way, just remember you were small one time too, and school is not the end of the road. Karma is something that is real. Imagine it was your brother, sister, your family that someone was doing it to, you wouldn’t like that so do unto others as you would like them do unto you.”

And to students who are now entering first form next week, he added:

“Continue working the same way you worked coming up to Common Entrance, and everything is going to be good. You have lunch, you have break and you have after school, friends are going to be there, just pay attention to your teacher and do your work.”

He spoke to Loop News after he made a presentation yesterday, Thursday, Spetember 7, 2017, to Choiselle Joseph who sat the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE) in May and made history at Leacock’s Primary School.

Stiffy who also attended the private school located in Farm Road, St. Peter told Loop News that he selected Jospeh because she attended his alma mater and “not only was she the top student there but she made history being the only student to score 100 percent in English in the country. So for me I was honoured to present her and Headmistress Mrs. Leacock with tokens of appreciation.”                       

Furthermore, having created history himself when he won the Bashment Soca title not once but twice in a row, Stiffy said shaking hands with and meeting Joseph was indeed “a very special moment.”

And Atkinson said that this is not his first time giving back however he does not always make a fuss. He said that his team works quietly in the background. “I always give back in different areas around my community so it's nothing new. I assist where I think my support is needed so it's an ongoing endeavour.

“Personally, I think that I have a social responsibility as an entertainer in the country and around my community also, so I think the youth nowadays are becoming products of what they so I try to lead by positive thoughts and actions.

He stressed that as an artiste the platform is there to get more things done and offer more assistance through partnerships gained and developed, so he capitalises.

“I think others should use their platform to assist in the development of the kids coming up and in their communities. Entertainers are people from all communities so many can benefit, all it takes is a little generosity and time. It does not need to require money.”

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