Sunday 19 January, 2020

Storeowner takes a loss, says sale is a win-win in the long run

Customers in Sole Addiction Barbados store for the sale on Monday, October 7, 2019.

Customers in Sole Addiction Barbados store for the sale on Monday, October 7, 2019.

An annual clearance sale was welcomed and appreciated by Barbadians if the high numbers flocking to Sole Addiction, Trident House in Bridgetown are any indication.

The sale over the weekend was unexpectedly extended to Monday, October 7, and this move saw patrons lined up outside the store’s doors early on Monday morning for its resumption.

Before the 11am opening on Monday, potential customers and possibly repeat customers were in a queue just waiting for the doors to open.

Photo caption: One reader shared this photo with us before the store opened on Monday.

Speaking to Sole Addiction Barbados owner Nancy Noumeh as customers bombarded her and staff with questions about discounts and prices after sale, she said:

“People are struggling and stuff, so this is my way to help people still get nice stuff for a good price. You know?”

Asked if it was a difficult business decision to make in these financial times, she said: “I’m making a little bit of a loss, but I rather take a little loss than a bigger loss if I have the stuff stuck...

“I just like making way for Christmas stock and I guess we all benefit – the business and the customer.”

Talking to how the response has been this time around since the clearance sale is an annual event for the store, she shared: “It’s been really good!” Asked if there was a spike in customers this toss, she added: “No, every year our sale is like this.”

And she added that many people seem to even use the sale as an opportunity to buy Christmas gifts because “people’s pockets are tight.”

Though not storewide, she said to customers: “It was a good deal still.

“This [sale] was on the floor. We brought out all the stuff that is on sale. The boxes are under the shoe and you can pick your own size, pay and go. It was not storewide.”

Customers were able to buy one item 50 per cent off, or buy three or more items for 75 per cent off the entire purchase. 

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