Monday 23 November, 2020

Sugar Hill PSVs want to stop commuters’ suffering with route extension

Vans parked in the River Van Stand.

Vans parked in the River Van Stand.

The Transport Board strike yesterday did not redound to the benefit of Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators on the country routes in the River Van Stand.

Two drivers on the Sugar Hill 3W route said that it was a travesty seeing and hearing the persons in Chalky Mount, St. Andrew, especially, as they complained about not being able to leave home yesterday, Tuesday, November 13, when the Transport Board drivers withdrew their labour.

Vincent told Loop News it’s a shame that up to now they cannot get their route extended to cater to those commuters. “We would love to get an extended route.”

He said that yesterday the Chalky Mount people could not get out. He said the day was “good” for them on the route, but “it hurt” knowing that people did not want to risk venturing out to work and even school, unsure of if or when or how they would get back home.

“From we part with Sugar Hill, we was good, but nobody aint really come out from Chalky Mount ‘cause there wasn’t no way to get home, ‘cause we can’t go down in there… People suffer through that there.”

Another driver on the same route stood beside his colleague and added, “We can’t even go ‘cross to Todd's Corner, and Coffee Gully and Chimborazo. I mean and people out there suffering and we can’t go out there because if the police catch yuh out there, it is money at the court.”

Having reached out to the authorities, he added that so far the parties involved, in terms of “APTO, they had told us that they were working on it, and this is nearly year, they still working on it.”

Vincent said they are even working on a petition.

And he added that the lack of a Sugar Hill bus did not impact them because the people in Sugar Hill are accustomed to the PSVs on their route now, so they get good cooperation from their commuters, “but those people in Chimborazo and Coffee Gully”, he reiterated, “some people suffer yesterday.”

On the College Savannah, Bayfield, Ellerton, Greens and Sam Lord’s Castle routes, the drivers and conductors told Loop News that yesterday was like any other day and in the case of College Savannah specifically, one driver said it was “poor. People hear no buses and stop home.”

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