Wednesday 5 August, 2020

SUNday FUNday: 10 Things to do in Bathsheba and spend USD $7 or less

Bajan food from a stop in Bathsheba. So yummy!

Bajan food from a stop in Bathsheba. So yummy!

Bathsheba in St Joseph is serene, calming and beautiful. It's a must-see for Bajans and tourists to Barbados.

Believe it or not, there are Bajans who have never seen the Tea Cup and Saucer rock in person. On an island of 166 square miles, where at its widest it's just five miles longer than the John F. Kennedy International Airport runway in New York, it's shocking that there are islanders who have not seen every square inch of Barbados.

And for this reason, Loop Lifestyle fully endorses 'Aunty Mia's' call for Barbadians to be Barbados' first tourists. 

Bathsheba in Barbados

Barbados saw its first two commercial flights land at the Grantley Adams International Airport today (July 12) since March when COVID-19 grounded air travel besides cargo and repatriation flights. So as the tourists return, the locals need not take their feet off the pedal of safety and exploration but must continue to explore what their home has to offer.


Ten things to do at Bathsheba

1. Take a photo by the tree with the signs. Leave no litter, only footprints. You'll know it when you see it.

2. Climb the steps of the famous home that was featured on The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera. 

3. Skip a smooth rock out to sea.

4. Spread out a towel or blanket and just lie there. Watch the clouds, listen to the waves, do nothing but be!

5. Walk along the shoreline barefoot.

6. Find a pool and have a dip. HINT: The best ones are under the rocks.

7. Watch the surfers or join in the fun safely. 

8. At the rum shop at the bottom of the hill, have a ham cutter or try the pickled chicken necks. You read that right.

9. At the roadside restaurant by the shower facilities have fish and pie. You won't regret it. And the lemonade is AWESOME!

10. Watch a sunrise.

Photo caption: Did we tell you about that time we stumbled upon a Dirty Dancing 'I had the time of Life' photoshoot with the run, jump and lift at Bathsheba? It took a few tries but they stuck it perfectly in the end!

How to get to Bathsheba by bus

1. From the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal in town, take the Bathsheba bus out of Lane 6. This is the Bathsheba bus from Bridgetown. 

This bus is scheduled to run every hour on the hour.

After your excursion, you can take the same bus returning the town.

Each trip is BBD $3.50 (USD $1.75)

2. From the Speightstown Bus Terminal on the West coast, take the bus out of Lane 1. However read the bus signs as about five routes leave from this same gate. 

This bus runs almost every two hours, so check with the desk clerk to confirm the bus times on the day.

Each trip is BBD $3.50 (USD $1.75)

You can also take a yellow minibus from Bridgetown*


Island Tour via Bathsheba 

Loop Lifestyle is letting you in on our big secret. This is our favourite thing to do when stress levels are high or when we just need some me-time and it's inexpensive. We mean it is CHEAP, safe, fun!

If you want to see a huge chunk of Barbados but don't have much time. This secret trick is just for you especially.

Take the Bathsheba bus from Bridgetown to Bathsheba and the Speightstown bus from Bathsheba to Speightstown then the Bridgetown bus from Speightstown.

In one day, on three buses you will see some of the island's capital City of Bridgetown in St Michael, go through St George and St Joseph then across St Andrew and into St Peter before going along the Platinum West coast through St James and back to St Michael. 

Barbados has 11 parishes and in one day in less than 10 hours you could touch more than half of those 11. You can get a glimpse of six parishes.

And three bus rides only cost BBD $10.50 (USD $5.25).

What an adventure deal! 

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