Monday 24 February, 2020

Busy Bajan: Danielle putting the sweet in Valentine's Day treats

Danielle Leandra Gibson, is an expert in the category of all things sweet. 

The dessert and pastry chef of 10 years is the brains behind the brand, Sweet Nectar which specializes in cakes, chocolate delights and various decadent morsels for anyone with that insatiable sweet tooth. 

Sweet Nectar Barbados

Danielle knows well that at this time of the year, searching for the perfect sweet treat for a loved one can be a headache for some. But she welcomes the challenge of creating the right gift.

"I love being a chef cause it definitely lets you hone on your creativity, creating dishes from start to finish. Deconstructing classic desserts and making it into your own. I love that kinda stuff."

She originally trained in culinary arts and food service management, but did a crossover to pastry six years ago and says the creative process of pastry truly got her attention.

"It just piqued my interest, starting with raw natural ingredients. You know you have your eggs, you have your sugar, your flour, and making that into something unique, is something everyone cannot do. But I would definitely say that is what drew me into desserts. Creating and starting from scratch and making memories really."

Her specialty is chocolate and Danielle takes the time and effort to create beautiful pieces of chocolate that may be daunting for some to create - but wonderfully decadent for many to eat.

"My specialty I would say definitely would go towards chocolate work or sugar work which again is not something everybody can do. Working with chocolate can be very tedious, time-consuming, and stressful, so it isn't something that the average pastry chef or the average chef might be able to handle but I would say that is definitely my specialty."

Danielle's number one suggestion for Valentine's Day?

"Special gift for someone for Valentine's day would be our four-piece sea salt caramel collection which is a four-piece box and it contains two crafted hearts and it also contains two love bug chocolates in that same collection so it is the perfect gift. It is a little token of love and appreciation for that special someone."

You can check out Danielle's work on Instagram at @sweetnectar.bdos, or by emailing​​​​​, or by searching Sweet Nectar on Facebook.

So if you are interested in pleasing your special someone or just want to get something for yourself and your sweet tooth, you can reach out to them by emailing or on Instagram at Sweetnectar.bdos or Facebook by searching for Sweet Nectar.

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