Friday 16 November, 2018

Sweet Soca, Party Monarch Semi-Finalists announced

File Photo: Soca Royale 2017.

File Photo: Soca Royale 2017.

The semi-finalists for the 2018 Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions are now known.

This announcement came at the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) this evening.


Semi-finalists for the Sweet Soca competition are: 

Adrian Clarke, 'Soca You'

Biggie Irie, 'Country'               

Bo Bo, 'Rain'      

Damian Marvay, 'At Large' 

Imani, 'All Day Long'       

iWeb, 'Best in Me'

Jamal Slocombe, 'Rocker'

Kirk Brown, 'Still Jammin'

Leadpipe and Saddis, 'Blessed'

Lil' Rick, 'Breakfast in Bed'              

Mighty Grynner,   'Fix Muh Nuh'     

Mikey,  'Feting Family'     

Natahlee, 'In De Middle'     

Nikita, 'Journey'               

Niqa, 'For the Love'      

Sanctuary, 'Fete Loan'

Joaquin is the reserve with 'Tiny Winey'     

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Semi-finalists for the  Party Monarch are:                    

Ashawnya, 'Mess'                    

B Moore Specific, 'Out Ah Road'                     

Chrissy D, 'Rum and Bass'                       

Faith, 'Band Of The Year'                            

Kas Katee, 'Izza Vybe'                            

Kirk Brown, 'De Challenge'                     

Mac Fingall, 'Blows'                   

Marzville, 'Waist Pun Fire'                  

Mikey, 'My Kind Ah Party,                            

Mr Dale, 'Bold and Brave'                 

Mr Blood and iWeb, 'Stomp'                  

Mr Veejay, 'Twin Brother'                     

Nikita, 'Going The Distance'        

Ray Dainja, 'We Festival'                        

Sammijane, 'Alive'                     

Stiffy, 'Lies'

The Mighty Grynner is the reserve with ' Lock Dem Up'.


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