Monday 15 October, 2018

Symmonds: Fisherfolk will no longer be kept low

Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate for St James Central, Kerrie Symmonds.

Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate for St James Central, Kerrie Symmonds.

Under the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) fisherfolk in the island will "have upward social mobility in a way that was never envisioned for them before."

That was the assertion of incumbent BLP candidate for St James Central, Kerrie Symmonds, during a National Meeting at Silver Sands tonight.

Before getting into details about initiatives to lift the fishing industry to higher standards, Symmonds spoke directly to the people of Christ Church East:

"I am not only on this platform tonight because I am a member of the Barbados Labour Party or a candidate for the Barbados Labour Party I am on this platform tonight as a constituent of Denis Lowe and his representation has been absolutely disgraceful - Denis Lowe must go. I ask you to see Wilfred Abrahams and a vote for Wilfried Abrahams as a key to unlock the door to future prosperity in Christ Church East... we deserve that."

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Addressing those in Silver Sands particularly, he spoke to his party's plan to help fisherfolk become employers: 

"So tonight I speak to the fishermen of Silver Sands, to the fishermen of Christ Church, I ask you to dream of Friday the 25th day of May when the sun rises to a new Barbados Labour Party government, it will also be the dawn of a new day for you. 

"Because as a result of a Barbados Labour Party government, you will now be able to rent a fishing boat from the government of Barbados that is fully equipped and then you will pay for that boat over a period of time and within a year, two, three years you will own the fishing boat. That moves you from working for somebody for the rest of your life to being self-employed and putting you in a position where you can employ others."

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Symmonds also spoke to opportunities for fisherfolk to break into the international market:

"This Barbados Labour Party and Wilfried Abrahams as your member of parliament in waiting offers you the opportunity now to be earners of foreign exchange Silver Sands, because we are going to take Oistins Fish Market and we will fix Oistins Fish Market, make it fit for a purpose so as is now done in St Vincent and as is done in Dominica and has is being done across the eastern Caribbean. Fish coming into the fish market in Barbados will be kept at certain minimum temperatures. 

"Gone will be the days when Oistins is about ladies boning on a piece of wood bench and a piece of wood cable, but they must be replaced by stainless steel tables and wash down basins. Gone are the days with the flies buzzing on the fish - it must be enclosed with certain minimum standards to fit the necessary sanitary and phytosanitary regulations for international trade purposes, that will allow us for the first time in our history, to be able to penetrate the European market with fish."

He urged persons in the industry to vote for the BLP for social and economic mobility: 

"A class of fisherfolk, fishermen and fisherwomen in this country, who have been at the bottom of the economic and social ladder in Barbados from time and memorial, that class of persons now becomes a foreign exchange earner for Barbados and they have upward social mobility in a way that was never envisioned for them before."

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