Friday 21 February, 2020

#TBT – 18 favourite childhood snacks

Get ready for a sugar rush!

We all know the importance of a well-balanced diet, but when you’re a kid, you’re ruled by your taste buds.

Here’s a look at some favourite snacks that ruled the schoolyard back in the day.

1. Bubble Tape - A seemingly endless supply of gum

2. Bubblicious gum - Who else used to end up chewing all five pieces at once?

3. Chewing gum (with tattoos) - A snack that came with an accessory? Winning!

4. Crazy Hair - One snack you didn't have to share because you licked it all over!

5. Fun Dip - Literally an excuse to eat sugar... on a sugar stick.

6. Gummy Bears - Bears, worms, sweet or sour - if it's gummy, bring it!

7. Hill's Corn Curls - A classic! And let's be honest - not only kids are loyal consumers.

8. Jawbreakers/Tomato Balls - Bite at your own risk.

9. Jolly Ranchers - This snack lasted forever!

10. Nerds - The perfect snack for the indecisive, with two flavours (some sweet, some sour) in the same box.

11. Now and Laters - More like Now and Now!

12. Popeye Candy Cigarettes - 'Smoking'? At school? Thought you were pretty cool, didn't you?

13. Ring Pops - So many schoolyard proposals were made with this candy 'bling'

14. Runts - Those counted as fruits, right?

15. Smarties - These tablets were the right 'medicine'.

16. Snocones/Suckabubbies - These icy treats are the best for this hot climate! Fruit Ice? Oh you fancy, huh?

17. Sour Screamers - The faces people made when the sour hit them? Priceless!

18. Zoomers/Big Foot/BBQ Stix - They just got that cheesy, spicy recipe right!

What snacks did you save up to buy?

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