Monday 28 September, 2020

#TBT 18 Things $1 could get children back in the 90s

Barbados' dollar coin (Internet image)

Barbados' dollar coin (Internet image)

These days one dollar can’t even pay your bus fare or get you a drink most places, but back in de day, you could be balling at lunchtime or break-time when you pulled a shiny silver dollar out of your uniform pocket.

That time yuh catching cold sweats like when you misplace your cell phone now, until you find it.

You gotta skin out your pocket – sharpener, pencil shavings, handkerchief *shake shake* and then there amongst the lint and thread is your saving grace, your dollar coin.

Cue Machel Montano’s 'Like a boss’ as you walk up to the snack lady, even asking friends, ‘Wuh you want me buy fuh you?’

Having a dollar at primary school in the 90s made you act like Rihanna at the 2018 Grammys.

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What could you buy from the snack lady or corner shop for one dollar two decades ago?

1. Six brown mints to suck for $1. Now if you get three, you better thank God.

2. Two packs of Tea Time biscuits – the four packs, and each cookie was bigger than a 25cent piece. #Justsaying

3. When you get send to de shop for one pack of Eclipse and one pack of SodaBix, because there was a lover of each in every household, they sent you with one single dollar. What change?!

4. A box milk or a box juice and you were as happy as a lark. Do you remember Peanut punch? Do you remember when the box milk was in a small carton?

5. You could buy a Baby Bim drink for $60 and leave a bottle deposit of 25cents, which you got back when you returned the bottle. #winning

6. Can I get four worms please? One fuh 25 cents right? … Now one for a dollar. *faints*

7. One pack of popcorn please. You had children in your class who lived to eat the popcorn seeds at the end?

8. A pack of Hills, but not the one with the Sly Mongoose. Thanks

9. I only got a dollar so I getting a Fun Dip. I can give you some powder and we can break de stick in two.

10. Tamarind balls or tomato balls? Which you prefer? We can get two tamarind balls but five tomato balls with this dollar.

12. I want a Jolly Rancher or uh Air Head and then I gine get a worm wid de extra 25 cents.

13. Gooseberry season hayyyyyyy! I buying a pack uh gooseberries and truh some salt pun dem. Yaaaassss! I gine just buy a gooseberry syrup.

14. I gine get a Bubbaloo chewing gum, a tattoo chewing gum, a Warhead and a jawbreaker.

15. We can get two kool-aids and get them cut in half so all four of us can get. “I getting a blue (teal) and a white one!”

16. I need tablets. I gine buy tablet sweeties or Smarties and take like medicine.

17. Oh...I want some Popeye cigs and I would keep de change fuh tuhmor.

18. You want a pack of hot balls, Cheezees or Taytos? I think dem is 40 cents each? You want two? 

What was your favourite primary school snack?

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