Sunday 20 September, 2020

#TBT - Even in 2018, 10 times only Bajan dialect works

Sometimes there is no better response than a Bajan saying.

Even in 2018 there are some situations that you leave you sounding like your old granny.

Not sure what Loop means, keep reading.

It's African History Month and today is Throwback Thursday so let's look at 10 times when Bajan is perfect nowadays.


1. When you see a badmind person get a dose of karma... Day does run till night it.


2. As the politicians take the podium and start slinging insults... De higher de monkey climb, de more he show he tail.


3. They moved the 50th Independence Day celebration parade to Kensington Oval and their was a public outcry, but by de time de cadets had done their fancy display all people could find to say was... De parade at Kensington fit like yam fit nigga mout. #Perfect


4. When you see someone laughing at another person's downfall... Wuh ain't catch yuh ain't miss yuh.


5. Children setting children hair on fire. Feels like a stabbing a day. Dese days is some funny nights.


6. Giiiiirl, you would not believe what so-and-so come telling me about you... De dog dat bring a bone does carry one. 


7. I was just there at de corner of Nelson Street. I pass de man eating de chicken and vegetables that send out de voicenote. I can't believe that incident happened so fast. I mean before de cat could lick 'e ear that had tuh happen.


8. Spot a child running up and down and his mother shouting "Stop that!", "Come here", "Behave" and more. You could be in BIM or over and away, if a Bajan sees this expect to hear one of two things - "I would drop my hand in he" or "He want one lash in he..." #Bajansdonotbelievesparederod


9. Child starts crying before the stern speech or lashes... "Wuh you crying for? You want something to cry for?" 


10. These young people feel they know. Adults can't tell them nothing. Mind you, them ain't even see a star pitch yet!


When last you used or heard these 10 Bajan phrasings? 

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