Monday 26 October, 2020

Teen slapped by victim's older brother

A magistrate said a man "put the law completely out of his favour" when he found himself in a confrontation with a 14-year-old girl he claimed constantly "attacked" his little sister.

Kyrnan Alonzo Brewster, 38, of Upper Hindsbury Road, St Michael, appeared before the court charged with assaulting the 14-year-old on Valentine's Day. 

According to Prosecutor Sergeant Theodore McClean after an altercation occurred between the victim and Brewster's sister, he went to the girl's house. Brewster and the girl had an exchange of words and he eventually slapped her across the face. It was said that he, at some point, was also armed with a rock and a 2 by 4 piece of wood.

Brewster, in court yesterday, said he came home and was told that the girl had cuffed his sister for merely speaking. He said he went to talk to an adult in the house as he didn't "deal with children".and was frustrated with the girl's behaviour toward his sister.

He described incidents where she pulled a knife on his sister and threw rocks at her.

Brewster said though he asked the girl to allow him to speak to an adult, she began cursing him and her grandmother. He scolded her for cursing her grandmother but he too began cursing.

He said it was then she kicked at him and his hand accidentally struck her.

However, he eventually admitted deliberately hitting her after the magistrate said that he was "diluting" the story by claiming it was accidental.

"This violence between children, I try to... calm it... I'm sorry but my intention was not to fight... I just wanted to know why she targeting my sister all the time"

The magistrate told Brewster that his actions were "wrong" as he should have left the matter in the hands of the police and parents.

The complainant is expected to appear in court with a family member. In the meantime, Brewster is on $2000 bail.

McClean also revealed that Brewster was on bail for a separate matter and had not attended court since April of 2017.

In respect of this, he said that he came back for a court date but did not receive one. Magistrate Douglas Frederick made it clear, however, that he had no valid excuse for missing court dates and also drew attention to the fact that a warrant was out for his arrest.

His mother, who signed bail on that occasion, had to forfeit $500 in order to withdraw the warrant. The money was paid.

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