Friday 10 July, 2020

Ten things Bajans love and hate about Christmas holidays

(File Photo) Christmas in Queen's Park, 2018.

(File Photo) Christmas in Queen's Park, 2018.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it? 

Christmas is a season where most everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, find some aspect of joy: temperatures have cooled, Bridgetown and shopping malls are super busy and pretty soon the smell of Farmer’s Choice ham will be in the air.

For some Bajans though, Christmas is nothing more than a ‘bah humbug’.

Thumbs Down

  1. Cleaning: ‘Washing down de house’ before Christmas Day can be a daunting task for some householders, especially if the holiday ‘sprucing up’ involves painting, cleaning windows or construction work. Rest assured by 5 am on Christmas, the house will spic and span. 
  2. Hustle and bustle: While some may revel in the last-minute shopping rush, many people go to great lengths to avoid supermarket runs or visits to the City during the holiday season.
  3. Increase in crime: The criminal elements is known to rear its ugly head during the Christmas holidays. For this reason many people prefer to stay indoors rather than deal with the possible threat of theft or armed robbery.
  4. School is out: The kiddies are home from school and up to mischief every minute of the day!
  5. Non-stop Christmas music: You can bet that every radio station, every corner store, shop and bar will be blasting the famous ‘Christmas Shoes’ and ‘All I want for Christmas is You’.

Thumbs Up

  1. Gift-giving: Nothing brings more joy than seeing the faces of relatives and friends light up when they open that present on Christmas morning!
  2. Visits with family and friends: On Christmas Day, Bajans are either preparing to visit at a relative’s or friend’s house or they are preparing to host family and friends.
  3. Christmas morning in Queen’s Park: Are you really a Bajan if you never put on your Sunday best to go into Queen’s Park on Christmas morning?
  4. Plenty food and drinks: Great cake, bread pudding, rice and peas, macaroni pie, sweet potato pie, baked pork, baked chicken, baked ham, Plus, Malt, sorrel, mauby… too many to mention!
  5. Shopping: Bridgetown will definitely be a hive of activity during the days leading up to Christmas as Bajans try to secure those household items to make their homes look brand-new.


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