Friday 30 October, 2020

Terrifying accident in St John shakes couple to the core

Photo taken by Lewis' brother-in-law who was travelling behind the couple. (Instagram)

Photo taken by Lewis' brother-in-law who was travelling behind the couple. (Instagram)

- by Daveny Ellis

A harrowing accident has left a returning couple to the island shaken as they and their young child barely escaped with their lives.

Barbadian-born Dwayne Haynes was on his way to see family along with his wife Suzanna Lewis and their 11-month-old son on Sunday, January 5, 2020, when a car crashed into the passenger side of their Suziki Swift rental car at the four-cross at Messiah Street and Stewart Hill in St John.

Luckily there were no serious injuries to any of the drivers involved but the accident has left a lasting impact on the couple.

Lewis posted about the incident to her Instagram saying that they were all very fortunate to have made it out with only "bumps and bruises" and was thankful for "It could have been a lot worse."

Rehashing the incident, she wrote: "When I pulled my screaming baby out of his car seat & made it out of our rental I went into shock. I sat down, saw only white and heard voices of my family & onlookers trying to help. Once I came around, the area was filled with locals who were angrily telling us about how many accidents happen at this intersection. One happened just 2 days prior."

The four-crossing in question is said to be a problem for those in the area. Residents told Loop News that it is a constant bugbear with far too many accidents occurring as a result of poor signage.

Lewis went on to talk about how even police and fire officials seemed to be aware of the issues with the junction.

"They (residents) tell us to observe how far the stop sign is from the intersection & how no lines are painted on the road to distinguish the main road from the intersecting road. Even the police & fire department made a statement to the insurance assessors about these faults in road works."

Her concern was shared by many in the area who today, Wednesday, January 8, expressed upset and concern that there may be no hope towards getting the solution rectified.

In the meantime, the family is on their way out of the country and even though they are happy to be alive, they worry about the state of the roads and what will happen to the next person who may not be so lucky at that junction. Expressing such, Lewis went on to share some words of woe to the Ministry of Transport in her post.

"How many more accidents have to happen here before they move the sign? How difficult is it to move a sign? ...What about all the tourists who visit your beautiful island? It's tourism that drives your economy. We were lucky. Shame on you. Ministry of Transport and Works you are on notice."

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