Monday 10 August, 2020

Three Christmas morning boys

Crystal Fagan holding baby Kal-el. She's loved that name from younger.

Crystal Fagan holding baby Kal-el. She's loved that name from younger.

Unto Barbados three boys were born this Christmas morn.

At the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) on the labour ward there are plenty of smiles and loud cries as the day started with three baby boys.

Barbados’ newest citizen as of 10:18 am was the third baby boy born today. His mother is Attiyonah Cadogan. The 17-year-old first-time mum delivered a bundle of joy weighing in at six pounds and seven ounces.

The second baby boy born this Christmas Day, was to Erma Wharton. He may have been the day’s second, but he’s his mummy’s fifth child and her fourth boy.

Chatting with the media, Wharton said that from experience over the years she knew her baby was going to be a boy. With a smile she said the look of her belly was the same with every boy, only different when she had her one daughter.

Coming from St. Lucy by ambulance to the QEH, she said, it was a “long and bumpy” ride, full of pain.

“This was the hardest [of my five pregnancies]. Nuff pain, more pain that the rest.” And she said the pain was throughout the pregnancy, not just during labour and delivery.

Laughing she said, and he was the “most active” of all her babies. Wharton already has a son who is 20 years old, a 16-year daughter, a 10-year-old son, and a two-year-old son.

Having her first December and Christmas baby, she said, “it feels wonderful.” However, regardless, her baby seemed destined for a Bank Holiday birthday as he was due Errol Barrow Day, January 21, 2019.

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Talking about the labour experience, she held her lower back with one hand while cradling her son as he nursed quietly in the crook of her other arm, she said she went into labour about quarter to one Christmas morning at home in Conneltown, St. Lucy. Asked if her water broke at home, she said, she’s unsure, but she knew she was in labour because she started getting contractions. The ambulance ride was “hell, so long and real pain. I was telling them it coming and they tell me it ain’t time yet.” But he came, and with so much pace that he was born in A&E at 3:55 am, not too long after his mum got to QEH.

In a family with mostly boys, she said three of her other children “feel wonderful. They love him, especially my daughter.” Meanwhile, she’s working on her two-year-old who was showing some signs of jealousy, but she said, “I tell him you have to love your brother.”

And the first Christmas baby at the QEH was a stubborn fella – Kal-el.

Of the three, he’s the only one with a name handpicked already and from decades ago when his mother Crystal Fagan was young. At 34 years old, Fagan has a 16-year-old daughter, while her boyfriend Durwyn Selman has been all smiles about his first child, his son.

Though it a long time between her two heartstrings now, without a doubt, she said, “This was time was terrible.” Chuckling, she said, “He was worse than she was. He’s actually bigger than she was. He was nine pounds, two point three ounces, and he was really stubborn.”

And shock of shocks, even at his size, “he was very active. ‘Cause last night, they were monitoring his heart because he wasn’t keeping still, so they thought something was wrong with him, but something was wrong with him ‘cause he urinated in his water and swallowed it. But he was really active.”

Fagan went into labour around 2:00 pm yesterday, Christmas Eve, “and I was so tired [by midnight] that I thought I would not be able to push him out and I was begging for them to do surgery and they said ‘no, no’. These two nurses, I can’t remember their names, but they were really helpful. They like push me through the delivery.”

Unfortunately, his dad was not inside when he “came out, so when he actually went to see him he would not stop smiling. He was just saying, ‘He’s so big, he’s so big, ‘cause my belly wasn’t that big. My belly took a long to show. It’s only over the last couple of months like the last three months that my belly really popped and we were shocked that he was so big.”

Kal-el is currently in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Responding to if she wished for him to be born on December 25th, she said that everyone at home wished a Christmas Day baby on her but she really wanted to be home for the holiday, so between him coming today and him being the first Christmas baby for 2018, and then his father posting pictures which had everyone saying ‘Congratulations’, “it just made me cry.”


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