Sunday 5 April, 2020

Thumbs up for two Grand Kadooment starting points

Revellers in the Band Baje International making their way to the judging point in Eagle Hall.

Revellers in the Band Baje International making their way to the judging point in Eagle Hall.

The votes are in!

Of the seven of the Kadooment bands participating in this year’s Crop Over Climax,  the consensus has been that the two start point system put in place by the National Cultural Foundation is “gold”.

The thumbs up from bandleader with the band AURA, Rorey Fenty, who told LOOP NEWS this morning that it worked well in getting his revelers in gear to cross the stage in front of the National Stadium in Waterford.

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“I believe that every band should make this move because [for us] the whole issue was people not going across the stage.  [When we met the NCF] I told them the issue is a cold start.  You can’t have a judging point at the beginning of the jump. 

“No other carnival in the world has a judging point at the start.  We need to get people moving and get people partying and get a vibe building and then you cross the stage. It doesn’t make sense to start where you getting judge from. 

The majority of the people are not going to want to go across the stage.  They are going to just wait outside until the band starts moving and then fall in,” Fenty, who is the brother of Barbadian megastar Robyn Rihanna Fenty, said

AURA was one of the large units on the road started from Massy car park around 9:30 a.m. and as it made its way along Manor Lodge, onto Green Hill and turned right onto Codrington Road, before parading before the judges who were set up on the outside the Stadium, a number of band members were able to catch up with the band before it crossed the stage.

Fenty said he “believes the NCF needs to make that change a firm change instead of giving you the option to start here or start there. I think that would help Crop Over and help [the NCF] get what they want . . . get more people to cross the stage.”

Some of his sentiments on the dual locations have been endorsed by veteran bandleader Trevor Chase of Ooutraje, seen in the picture above with fellow veteran, Gwyneth Squires.

He told LOOP NEWS that he was happy with the switch, which saw his band moving from within the National Botanical Gardens, a stone’s throw from the stage.

“Within about a year or so, this is going to be one of the most beautiful places in Barbados.  The setting reminds me a lot of the East Coast Road, it is rather unique and it is nestled right in the centre of a community.  We are now grafting it into a position so that if we come next year and the rain falls it will be a beautiful venue.

“I like this location because I don’t want my masqueraders to track from Warrens with the bigger costumes . . . hence here would be better for me to do my production,” Chase stated.

However, Squires is not sold on the idea.

“I ain’t know boy, this here muddy and thing and if I am honest with you, I don’t like out here when the rain falls.  We could have started at the same place we started in previous years,” she said, referring to the Codrington Road area.


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