Monday 19 October, 2020

Timetable changes rolled out for new norm- staggered breaks, dismissal

Teachers went through timetables with their students,

Teachers went through timetables with their students,

Every student at one secondary school in Barbados used to have the same lunchtime and left school at the same time, this is no more.

At Princess Margaret Secondary School, students have to wrap their minds around the new timetables now in this COVID-19 era.

Now the juniors and seniors will not mix at lunchtime anymore.

Juniors will break for lunch from 11am to 11:40 am, while the seniors will take their lunch between 11:40 am and 12:30 pm.

In terms of time changes, school will not be dismissed at one time for all students. Daily, approximately 444 children will be at school, and that is half of the student body.

"The hours are the same except the departure on evenings is staggered by five minutes between groups. . . Dismissals starts at, we're just doing three waves - 2:20 pm, 2:25 pm and 2:30 pm, which is our normal time of departure."

However, Corbin contends that the times would be further apart if the school had school buses. "The reason for this is we do not have a school bus service. If we had a school bus service we would probably stagger it more, but they're all still going to Six Roads anyhow and still have to wait for whatever transportation comes whenever it comes."

School starts at the same time for all, but some days will no longer commence with full assembly but instead prayers will be done in each individual classrooms after the second bell at 8:45 am daily.

Physical Education still scheduled

Today, on the first day back (September 21), over in the classrooms, form teachers took the time today to go through the new timetable with students. Fourth formers reacted with shock and surprise when teacher Asha Allen highlighted their Physical Education (PE) session.

It was a lot of "We have PE?" and "Seriously?" Students had many questions about this class.

However, the students were assured that they will indeed be expected to take PE as was the case before the almost six months break and to do it safely.

At some schools parents were hesitant or even refused to purchase games clothes or game shoes until informed by schools. At some schools students are being asked to wear long tracksuit pants instead of their old games shorts. So, today, the PMSS students found out that PE is a go for this Term.

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