Wednesday 23 September, 2020

5 Tips on how to properly care for dogs during Storms, Hurricanes

Shanika Thompson of Red Dog training and care services
(Photo courtesy of Levi King)

Shanika Thompson of Red Dog training and care services (Photo courtesy of Levi King)

Pet owners need to be on their guard during Hurricane Season to keep their animals safe and healthy.

To get some tips on how to prepare and care for your canine companions especially, Loop Lifestyle chatted with Trainer and Owner of 'Red Dog' training and care services in Barbados, Shanika Thompson.


Thompson had five major tips to help animal lovers and their pets be hurricane prepared.


1. Just as homes should have First Aid Kits, she called on dog owners to put together a Pet Emergency Kit.


The pet emergency kit should include:


• Enough water for a week for you and your pets

• Nonperishable food (include a can opener)

• Food dishes and water bowls

• Your pet’s medical records/proof of vaccination

• Photos of your pets

• Prescription medications (two-week supply)

• ID tags on your pets’ collars or harnesses

• Solid pet carrier

• Plastic bags or poop bags

• Extra leash

• Comfort items: pet bed, toys, treats

• Pet first aid kit

2. Stock up on pet food

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It is important to make sure your canine companion has access to fresh food and water, both during and after the storm. Your dog’s food should be stored in watertight containers to prevent contamination.

3. Bring them inside

Do not leave animals out to face the elements on their own. Make room available in your home for your pets if possible. 

4. Check the expiration date on pet meds

Storms bring heavy rains and flooding which can lead to an increased prevalence of illnesses such as heartworm disease and leptospirosis. Additionally, if your dog has to spend some time in a boarding kennel or shelter, this could mean exposure to contagious diseases.

Keeping vaccinations and parasite prevention medications up-to-date will ensure your dog stays healthy despite the sudden changes.

5. Remain calm

The thunder is scary, and loud abrupt noises can cause anxiety in you and your dog. Be calm and ride any natural disaster out with your pet. 


Stay safe!

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