Thursday 18 July, 2019

Titan VCD releases first riddim - Trincity Pickney

The riddim, which is available for download, was released less than two weeks ago through various social media outlets and already on YouTube has over 40 000 views on JulianspromosTV channel alone.

The ‘Trincity Pickney Riddim’ features soca princess Patrice Roberts with the sassy yet smooth ladies anthem ‘Steady’, Fadda Moses has a dancehall-soca fusion for the ladies titled ‘Trouble’, and Grenada’s Lava Man adds a distinctive party-flavored song titled ‘Place Haffi Done’.


Loop caught up with Titan who professed that he chose the name ‘Trinicity Pickney’ as a way of paying homage to his home – Trinidad.

"I named it Trincity Pickney Riddim as I started to build the riddim at home in Trincity. Also everyone knows I'm very proud of Trincity so I decided my first production had to reflect home!"

According to Titan, "As a DJ and more importantly a music lover, it was just a natural progression and a matter of time [before he produced]. From dj-ing different areas in the Caribbean and worldwide it was time to create the music I play and people party to."

Having said that, he admitted that the process for reaching artists was a bit easy for him seeing that he is well-known in the entertainment industry, however that didn't take away from the fact that the riddim was catchy and well-liked.

"Reaching people was easy...but I didn't want the favour vibes, as in they know me so I'll do it cause it's Titan, boYaKa sMash. When I sent it to Fadda Moses I told him it was my production and only if he likes it and feeling it then let's work. 

“For Patrice, her song titled ‘Steady’ was written by Nadia Batson. So I sent the Riddim to Nadia for song writing. I didn't tell her I produce the riddim. When I got the demo from Nadia I sent it to Patrice to consider the song. Patrice loved it and it was a go. Then she asked who produced it and I said I did. Nadia didn't know I produced the riddim until the night Patrice was voicing. 

“With Lava Man I had just put out a teaser of the riddim, someone tagged him on Instagram and said Lava Man would be wicked on this riddim. He heard it and hit me up and said he needs to be on it. I was very happy to have him as everyone knows I love Grenada to all so having the boss of Grenada on my first riddim was like faith connecting all the dots. That link was Father God blessing to me. For Grenada we have more music plans for 2017 with Lava Man."

He told Loop that although others namely Bunji Garlin were to be on the riddim but had to cancel due to the hectic carnival season, in his opinion, everything came off well in the end.

Looking to the future, there are definite plans to release music for other carnivals.

"I'm working on music for Crop Over and Spice Mas and also some mainstream productions as well as music with Dominican-born/Bajan living member of boYaKa sMash Karma Nai.”


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