Sunday 5 April, 2020

Today’s Tech Tip: Avoid damaging cables

Let’s face it; cords - whether for the plug, headphones or the USB - have a rough time.

They are usually wrapped tightly (if they are wrapped at all) or thrown at the bottom of the bag where they are crushed by the mountain of items above them.

One thing for sure is that many people do not treat their cables right.

This does not only result in broken points along the cord, but can cause so much damage that the device can no longer work.

Isn’t it worth the few extra moments to put away the cable neatly, than having to pay for a new plug or whatever item it may be?

We checked with Digicel's Technical Department and they explained that “it’s simply a matter of not wrapping the cord too tight.”

So take the time to put those cords away neatly.

Now you know what it takes to make those cables last.

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