Sunday 29 March, 2020

Today’s Tech Tip: Get that sluggish computer moving

(PHOTO: The Black Detour)

(PHOTO: The Black Detour)

Is your computer running slowly? There may be an easier solution to this problem than you think.

It can sometimes seem like the world is moving at 0.0...0...0 mph when that computer is sluggish.

But there are some simple steps you can take to get things moving again.

First of all, be sure you don’t have the computer on overload.

Do you have a million windows open?

Loop checked with Digicel's technical department and they explained that it may be a simple manner of “closing as many unnecessary windows as possible.”

Sometimes people have “too many programmes open and do not realise because they have them under one tab on the taskbar,” they explained.

One other factor that may be slowing your computer down is your startup settings.

Do you really need Windows Media Player or games to open as soon as your computer comes on?

“Only startup what is absolutely necessary!” 

Don’t know what is set to automatically startup on your computer? Here is how to find out:

  • Click the Windows button and the letter R at the same time.
  • Enter “msconfig” into the space
  • Click on the startup tab and deselect items which you do not need to start up as soon as your computer is turned on.

Be careful though! It’s best not to change the settings for programmes that you are not sure about what they do.

Now go enjoy your speedy computer!

This doesn't do the trick? We'll look at more technical ways to address the problem next time.

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