Sunday 25 October, 2020

Tourism Minister praises health officials for COVID-19 response

Minister of Tourism, Senator Lisa Cummins with owner of The Crane Resorts, Paul Doyle, touring the hotel.

Minister of Tourism, Senator Lisa Cummins with owner of The Crane Resorts, Paul Doyle, touring the hotel.

Senator Lisa Cummins is praising health officials on island for doing a fantastic job of handling local and imported COVID-19 cases.

She revealed this while touring The Crane Resorts on Friday, September 25. 

She stated that so far, they have been able to detect 95 per cent to 99 per cent of cases of COVID-19 at the border.

"That is really significant for such a small country like Barbados with the kind of resources that we have". 

In partnership with hoteliers, health officials have also agreed to new protocols which require visitors to be tested on day five after their first negative test. These protocols will be in full effect from October 1. 

"We have been able to create a safe space in Barbados for Barbadians and visitors alike. We want to able to welcome visitors to Barbados as that safe destination."

She went on to speak of the fact that even without policed laws, health protocols are still in place such as wearing your masks and sanitising your hands and Barbadians and full complying. Therefore, Barbados has done a remarkable job of containing the virus and providing a sense of ease for those visiting. 

For this reason, Senator Cummins believes that the island's COVID-19 protocols are a selling point for tourism. 

Owner of The Crane Resorts, Paul Doyle, also shared Cummins' sentiments. 

He showed his gratitude to the government and the people of Barbados for how they have handled this pandemic. Additionally, he also mentioned the fact that the compliance and safety on island is a major factor in selling tourism for Barbados. 

"They're a lot of people who need to destress and get into an environment like we have in Barbados where you don't need to fear for your life". 

Doyle pointed out that because these factors help to boost tourism, the citizens need to maintain these practices and behaviours. 

Guests must comply

"We want to show people a great vacation experience, but we also want to be very strict on following the protocols" he went on to say. 

In this regard, Doyle stated that he will not hesitate to report guests to health officials who refuse to comply with protocols. 

Chief Marketing Officer for the St Philip hotel, Annmarie Thompson, disclosed that management is also playing their part in making sure that staff members are equipped to handle the necessary protocols. 

There is a training officer on-site who educates employees on how to handle themselves which includes wearing masks and how to social distance from guests. 

Additionally, Thompson revealed that some staff members have been working remotely. "We've been able to set up a system where if you have to be here you can be here and if you are able to work remotely then you can". 

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