Tourism sector hopes water ban stays short

The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) expects its members to comply with the new water restrictions, but hopes that the issues do not persist for an extended period of time.

Chief Executive Officer, BHTA, Susan Springer stressed that the real problem lies in how long the shortage continues.

“It is really actually making sure we’ve got enough water.

“It’s the volume even if people have got tanks, because if it goes on for a very long period of time obviously there is no long-term solution,” she said.

But she said that the Association expects compliance by members and has put out the notice so that its members are aware of the law.

And she disclosed:

“They are obviously working as much as they can. Some hotels have got water storage but I mean that doesn’t last for long when you’re busy and the hotels are [busy] at the moment.”

As “the major issue,” she highlighted the maintenance of pools.

Speaking today on the sidelines of the concluded First Quarterly General Meeting of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) held at Hilton Barbados, Springer said:

“It is not so much changing the water [in the pools] but you do get evaporation because of the sun, so that is an issue I have to say.”

Also considering the golf courses and hotels with expansive grounds, she assured, “Some of the golf courses have their own system whereby they’re using grey water and some of the grounds are definitely using grey water which is the water that is actually processed through the sewage project, through their own sewer system, so with regarding that, it’s okay.”