Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Traffic changes for state funeral of former PM Owen Arthur



The Public is advised that there will be several road traffic changes as a result of the state funeral for late Professor, The Right Honourable Owen Seymour Arthur which will be held on Friday, August 14. 

Several roadways at various stages will be affected to facilitate the event. However, the closure of their roadways will be conducted using a phased approach. 

Business proprietors and motorists in Speightstown have been warned to expect to be diverted or held up in traffic due to the procession. 

Additionally, vehicles will not be allowed to park or remain stationary on any of the routes along which the procession will pass. Members of the public will not be allowed to enter or follow the procession along the route. 



The procession will depart Lyndhurst Funeral Home at 11.45 am and go onto Country Road, Roebuck Street, turn left onto Crumpton Street, turn right onto St. Michaels Row, proceed straight onto to National Heroes Square and Parliament Buildings where it will stop for one minute. 
It will proceed from Parliament Upper and Lower Broad Street, onto St. George Street (Jubilee Gardens), Cheapside, Fontabelle, the Mighty Grynner Highway, onto Highway 1 straight to Battaleys, St. Peter for transfer to the gun carriage. 


The procession steps off at 1:10 pm from Queen Street and goes via Queen Street onto Orange Street to the church. 


From the St Peter’s churchyard and go onto Orange Street, travel along Major Walk, onto K.N.R. Husbands Highway, and turn left at the traffic lights onto Upper Church Street, onto Station Hill, to Ashton Hall and onto Mile and Quarter. 


From Mile and Quarter and onto Benn Hill for a one-minute stop at Professor Arthur’s family home.
It will then continue onto Ebworth, to Pleasant Hall, and into Mount Pleasant Memorial Gardens for the burial service. 




Vehicular traffic will not be permitted to enter St. Michael Row, Trafalgar Street, Broad Street, or Cowell Street. These roads should be clear of all vehicles by the time the procession reaches Roebuck Street. Traffic will also be restricted on Trafalgar Street, Upper Broad Street, Lower Broad Street, or Cowell Street. 

Police officers will be posted at strategic intersections namely at the Exit of Lyndhurst Funeral Home, Whitepark/Country Roads Junction (optional), Country Road/Roebuck Street Junction, Roebuck Street/Crumpton Street Junction, Crumpton Street/St. Michael Row Junction, St. Michael Row/Hardwood Alley Junction and Broad Street /High Street, Wharf Road/Shepherd Street Junction, Broad Street/McGregor Street/Tudor Street Junction, Broad Street/Prince William Henry Street Junction, Chapel Street/ Cowell Street Junction, Cheapside/Fontabelle/Lakes Folly/Redman Drive Junction, Fontabelle/President Kennedy Drive/Mighty Grynner Highway. 

Persons travelling in these areas are asked to comply with all directives given by the personnel who will be stationed in these areas. 

N.B.: Traffic coming from Fontabelle will be diverted onto Lakes Folly while traffic coming to Cheapside will be diverted at Chapel Street onto Hart Street. 



From noon to 4 pm, Queen Street, Church Street, and Orange Street will be closed to vehicular traffic. These roads must be clear of all vehicles by the time the procession reaches Battaleys. Businesses in Speightstown should arrange to have deliveries made by noon. 

Police officers will be posted at strategic intersections namely K.N.R. Husbands Highway/Battaleys, Queen Street/Archers Lane Junction, Queen Street/Bovell Road Junction, Queen Street/Porters Road Junction, Queen Street/Mango Lane/Alms Road Junction, Queen Street/Chapel Road Junction, Queen Street/Gooding’s Alley Junction, Queen Street/Church Street Junction, Orange Street/Major Walk Junction, K.N.R. Husbands Highway/Church Street Junction, Church Street/Round the Town Junction. 

On conclusion of the procession, Queen Street from its junction with Godding’s Alley to its junction with the K.N.R. Husbands Highway may be reopened. 



From 3 pm to 5 pm, Mile and Quarter Road, Benn Hill Road, Ebworth Road, Portland Road will be closed to vehicular traffic.  These roads should be clear of all vehicles by the time the procession reaches the junction of Mile and a Quarter and Highway 2A. Traffic may also be diverted onto alternate routes.

Members of the public will not be allowed to enter or follow the procession along the route or into the Mount Pleasant Memorial Gardens. 

 Police officers will be posted at strategic intersections namely; Ronald Mapp Highway/Clarkes Road Junction, Ronald Mapp Highway/Mile and Quarter Junction, Mile and Quarter/Maynards Junction, Mile and Quarter /Rose Hill Junction, Portland/Ebworth/ Duncan Oneal Highway Junction, Portland/Charles Duncan Oneal Highway Junction. 

When the procession passes the Mile and Quarter/Rose Hill Junction,  only the Mile and Quarter Road may be reopened. This will be subject to the directive coming from the police. 

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