Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Transport Authority seeking to reassign some PSVs

(File Photo)

(File Photo)

Some Public Service Vehicle (PSV) owners may be forced to change the routes on which they operate.  

Word of this came from Chairman of the Barbados Transport Authority, Ian Estwick during a media briefing. The briefing followed a near four-hour meeting on Wednesday between the PSV Operators and the Transport Authority on the issue of the new uniform policy as well as the 'three-strike' rule.  

Estwick said the over-saturation of public service vehicles on some bus routes needed to be addressed so as to reduce the incidents of bad behaviour, which he believed is caused by competition among operators.  

He said a Route Rationalization Sub-Committee will determine how PSV's are reassigned and what changes will be made to existing routes. 

"You will soon see some movement off the more congested routes into the routes that are not as well serviced as they should be. 

There are some routes that the Association representatives have told us can be extended and certain routes that can be altered. This is suggested in the interest of the commuter."

Estwick did not indicate which routes will be targeted, only stating a timeline of April for the process to commence. 

He said the Transport Authority has no plans to revoke licenses as a means to achieve balance on the bus routes but rather they would ask PSV owners to volunteer or reassign them to alternative routes. 

He noted the Transport Authority wanted to revamp the entire sector and new measures need to be enforced to achieve order.  

“There are some operators that we have observed who are trying to stay within the boundaries of the law. There are others, like in any other organization, but it is important that we weed out the bad apples to create a better image for the sector.” 

Discussions between the Transport Authority and the newly formed PSV Workers Association are expected to continue next week.

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