Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Transport Board goes bold with 'Big Red Bus'

Have you seen the newly decorated Transport Board Bus?

Have you seen the newly decorated Transport Board Bus?

Red has always been a colour that catches the eye.

The Woman in Red, Supergirl, The Flash, Spiderman, Superman ... the list of strikingly beautiful, powerful or otherwise noticeably prominent persons who make that colour theirs can be neverending. 

And now a Barbados Transport Board Bus has joined the ranks of standing out in red - a stark contrast to its predominantly blue with stripes of yellow and white look.

You may have noticed the bus, which not only stands out because of its colour, but also for being fully decorated - a practice which is far from being the norm. Loop News spoke with the Board's Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager, Lynda Holder, to find out just why this one was decked out in red:

"We normally do advertising on buses and that's just another bus that we did advertising on. 

"We tried something a little different with this one, because normally we don't carry the advertising as high up as we did with this." 

She explained that the decoration "was done last week... [for] CGI the insurance brokers," after they decided to be adventurous:

"What we have done previously is we did the advertising only up to the yellow stripe, but then we worked with the relevant authorities and found a client who was interested in going a little further and trying something a little more dramatic, and the end result was the big red bus as persons are referring to it."

While Barbadians can also expect to see even more fully decorated buses as additional partners decide to go this route, she further explained that you could expect to see the bus passing you soon, as it is not assigned to any specific area:

"It was working Jackson Warrens yesterday, but it is not assigned to a particular route."

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