Thursday 9 April, 2020

T&T MoE warns of 'Tripping Jump Challenge', as student breaks arm

T&T Education Minister Anthony Garcia (FILE)

T&T Education Minister Anthony Garcia (FILE)

Trinidad and Tobago's Ministry of Education (MoE) is warning of a new 'dangerous' internet challenge, which has made its way into schools in the twin-island Republic.

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The Ministry is appealing to parents and teachers to advise students on the severe consequences of participation in this ‘game'.

In a statement on Saturday, it revealed that the Jump/Trip challenge, where three individuals in a line attempt to jump, but the unsuspecting middle person is tripped, has already resulted in one student sustaining a broken arm.

The challenge is also referred to as the Tripping Jump Challenge or the Skull-breaker Challenge. 

The Ministry noted that involvement in this activity does not only have serious repercussions on the physical health of someone who is tripped, but as has happened in the United States of America, parents of injured children have sought legal redress.

Parents and teachers are being asked to quell any attempts to have this activity started among their children/charges with the relevant conversations with the use of supporting material that can be found online.

The Ministry of Education added that it understands how social media can be an agent for behaviour change and hopes that the chosen behaviours that would be mimicked are ones that help and not hurt peers or any other person.

Trinidad and Tobago's Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia on seeing the video that resulted in one student’s injury stated:

“We have, and continue to encourage students to play and spend time away from screens.

"However, whenever those games become injurious to another person or can potentially seriously do harm, it is no longer a game that should be played. I am of the firm belief that our youth are wise enough to know that this is one challenge in which there should be no consideration of participation.”

The MoE indicated that ministry officials will be in contact with the school and family of the injured student and Student Support Services Division will be making interventions across schools to caution students on the dangers of many of these internet challenges that have been gaining popularity. 

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