Monday 3 August, 2020

TV influenced her Law choice, but Tiara's bestie kept her going

Tiara Broomes

Tiara Broomes

Tia Broomes is on track to be the first Attorney-at-Law in her family. If she continues in this vein.

The family had one doctor already, and then their second daughter broke the business mould too, this time pursuing Law.

Twenty-year-old Tiara Broomes just graduated from Law School at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus in Barbados and in one word, she is "elated".

Chatting with Loop Lifestyle, Tiara who was all smiles at her accomplishment, said: "I’m very excited yet nervous to start my next chapter.

"Generally, I believe the backlog in the court system makes it harder for timely justice and I hope that myself along with my peers can eventually work to resolve that." 

Asked how she got started on this journey when all of her family members have taken alternative paths, the Barbadian Law graduate said: "It seems cliché but television shows influenced my decision tremendously, then I decided to do law at CAPE level to decide if I liked it and I really enjoyed it.  

"I do believe I’m the first in my family to do law, everyone else has business-related careers besides my older sister who’s a doctor." 

As many graduates celebrate this weekend, we asked Tiara to travel back mentally through her UWI days.

Asked if at any point in time during the years of study, if she thought maybe this is not for me? She said: "My biggest obstacle was balancing schoolwork and activities outside of school while maintaining a good GPA. Having friends in my field was a blessing because they could also relate, and we never hesitated in assisting each other. 

"Like in my first year I definitely thought this might not be for me, not because I didn’t like what I was being taught, I believe I just underestimated the amount of work I had to put in and it made me feel extremely overwhelmed but having great friends helped a lot. It really helped that my longtime best friend Whitney also studied Law so we were always there for each other."

For other Law students still studying, Tiara shared: "I would say my hardest course was Equitable Remedies. There was so much content to learn in one semester. I literally had a mini anxiety attack before my final exam." 

And she shared: "One case that has stuck with me is Handels-og because it showcased the injustice and the lack of understanding regarding women in the legal system. To give a brief summary, the case dealt with the extent to which women are protected in the workplace post-partum." 

Studying Law is one thing, but finishing your degree during COVID-19 times was a new concept for everyone.

"COVID-19 taught me that life favours no one and things can change almost instantly, and I have to learn to adjust to suit in order to reach my goals. It was so much harder to focus in the midst of what was happening globally, but I knew I had a goal to achieve so I pushed myself." 

Looking forward to what's next despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she said: "If COVID-19 allows things to run accordingly, I should be going to Hugh Wooding Law School in September to further my studies." After that and hopefully passing the Bar, "I’m just looking forward to starting what I’m most passionate about and building a reputable image for myself as an attorney." 

With respect to maybe specialising, with a smile, she disclosed: "Recently I’ve grown to love Corporate Law and I excel in that area of law so I might find myself specializing in that." 

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