Friday 16 November, 2018

Two kings reign in Junior Calypso Monarch

(left) Winner in the 7-12 category, Browne Star and (right) winner in the 13-18 category, Quon.

(left) Winner in the 7-12 category, Browne Star and (right) winner in the 13-18 category, Quon.

In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, July 22 two new Monarchs were crowned at the Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch Final in association with IGM Stage Lighting.   

The two Kings, Emari Browne, stage name Browne Star who sang a song entitled ‘Peace’ and Dequon Alleyne, stage name Quon with ‘Why I Sing’, proudly took the scepter to begin their reign. 

The journey to the top was four years in the making for Browne Star who stepped into the Kaiso arena on this national junior monarch stage with confidence, after taking the Calypso title for two years running at his alma mater the Blackman and Gollop Primary School. 

He stepped onto the stage every year with determination giving it his all in his quest for the crown and that day did come in his final year in the 7-12 category.   

Passion and determination must be the buzz words for 2018 because the winner of the senior category Quon is definitely a poster boy for both.  For him ‘Why I Sing’ was not just a good song with some touching lyrics.  It was his story, his memories - he felt it and meant it. 

He was never ashamed of his journey in this competition, it was his reason for being and he wanted you to know it. He even insisted that it become a part of his introduction. 

The 2018 Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch in association with IGM Stage Lighting would have marked his sixth year entering this competition and as his many friends, family and supporters have lovingly said he has never made it past the preliminaries.   

This 17-year-old, Queen's College student described himself as a calypso enthusiast who fell in love with the art form from a very young age.  He added, what propelled him to continue singing each year, despite the comments to give up, was his sense of determination and love for Calypso.   

The top 4 in each category were as follows: 

7-12 category 

  1. Browne Star – Peace, 86 points  

  1. Mighty Bit Bit – Please Give Bit Bit the Crown, 72 points  

  1. Sakarah – Colour My Barbados, 64 points  

  1. Master Kei – Homeless but not Hopeless, 58 points  


13-18 category  

  1. Quon – Why I Sing, 82 points  

  1. Yahandje - Don’t Cry, 80 points  

  1. Dynamo – Tales from the Crypt, 78 points  

  1. De Overcomer – Bon Appetit, 58 points  



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