Sunday 25 August, 2019

Under-13 girl, boy at Reynold Weekes School running after their dreams

Step Ahead Programme (SAP) Coach Jacqueline Brathwaite and her charge R'Jai Gittens after he won the 100-metre dash.

Step Ahead Programme (SAP) Coach Jacqueline Brathwaite and her charge R'Jai Gittens after he won the 100-metre dash.

A young boy and girl at Reynold Weekes Primary School are chasing their dreams literally despite last year’s obstacles.

Loop Sports saw R’Jai Gittens and Alyssa Weekes as they ran their respective Under-13 100-metre races at the Rices playing field in Rices, St. Philip today, Friday, January 18, 2019. 

Though R’Jai was named the Under-13 Champ in 2018, last year he missed the Victor ludorum title by a mere two points.

Photo credit: Chanté Gittens with her brother R'Jai Gittens after his second win for the day. 

Winning his 100-metre dash, it was his second gold for the day, having already won his 400-metre lap. These two wins add to his other top finishes for the season as last week he won the cricket ball toss and the 800-metre long distance race. R’Jai is also the captain of the school’s cricket team.

His sister Chanté Gittens was all smiles. When he crossed the finished line in his fluorescent orange sprint boots, she was there waiting at the finish line with arms wide open. She embraced her Blue House star and took a winning selfie together as the other competitors organized themselves. R’Jai won the sprint by a mile figuratively – his lead was exceptional and his form superb.

Photo credit: Red House Alyssa Weekes giving in her name for first place in the 10-metre race.

Next up was the female counterparts in the same age category and blazing away was Alyssa.

In the running for the 2019 Victrix ludorum title, she was not even in the race last year. In fact, she was in none of the races at Sports Day 2018.

Sadly, her coach, Jacquueline Brathwaite of Step Ahead Programme (SAP), who also trains R’Jai, said that last year Alyssa’s teachers did not choose her to represent her house – Red House. This left her in tears. And on that day, last Sports Day, her dad made the decision “then and there” to let her join athletics training with SAP, said Coach Brathwaite.

Alyssa with her red face glitter and gems won her 100-metre race today, after winning the 400-metre race earlier in the morning. However, she almost had an upset as she eased off the gas before the finish line and was almost nipped on the line. Asked by her confused coach why she did that, she confessed that she thought the black oil line where the 400-metre lines cut the straight 100-metre lines was the finish. Her mistake was almost a blessing for Blue House.

R’Jai and Alyssa are both gunning for the 2019 Victor and Victrix ludorum titles.

Feeling “great” with R’Jai’s performances and anxiously awaiting his 200-metre performance, his big sister Chanté told Loop confidently, “We taking home Victor ludorum this year!”

Editor’s Note: Loop will update when Sports Day ends and the points are tallied.


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