Thursday 22 October, 2020

Unintimidated! City candidate Natalie Harewood chooses purple

Natalie Harewood with persons in the Orleans, St. Michael.

Natalie Harewood with persons in the Orleans, St. Michael.

Natalie Harewood is making history one step at a time.

She walked away from her former profession; she was the first to move the old cars from in The City of Bridgetown and she was the first candidate to pay her $250 deposit ahead of Nomination Day, on Monday, May 7.

Chatting with Loop News today after distributing shirts in the Orleans area this morning, she said she’s not intimidated by her competitors nor the task at hand.

With a big smile, the Independent candidate said:

“No, I don’t feel any way about my other competitors. I good. I am not frightened, nothing. I good. I am ready!”

Harewood said that it feels “very good, great,” knowing that she was out the blocks early and has paid in her monies, because “it’s progress.”

What’s the game plan going towards Election Day, she said, “Just keep on working harder and harder and let my people see that I am ready. I am ready for this election. I am ready to be their Representative.”

Natalie Harewood launches Clean Up Bridgetown

And she shared that she wants to take more steps to improve The City but she’s being challenged to get permissions from some owners and the government to make them all happen.

“I was working on some other projects but I didn’t get the permission from the owners or government to do my rest of green spaces. I got some sponsors to do some certain things in The City but I haven’t gotten the permission yet. But it is all kinds of things that I want to do in The City.” 

Despite these hiccups, which other candidates are experiencing in different ways, she said that she’s still getting a “great” response. “Today I went and take out some shirts and everyone did want a shirt. People start to put them on already. Everything is great.”

The purple shirts with pink writing have an acronym for NATALIE.








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She may have lost her original campaign manager but her campaign train did not lose speed or focus. She told Loop she has some people who have stuck with her beyond the people in her constituency.  “I have people that does help me, that does sponsor me because they believe in me, so they are helping me.”

Nomination Day may be big on the political candidates' calendar but Natalie took a minute also to send well wishes to the students in her constituency who are set to write the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE), commonly known as the 11-plus or Common Entrance Exam, on Tuesday, May 8.

Having given out school supplies last month to some students, she said:

“The advice that I have for the kids is just put y’all best foot forward and leave it to God. Don’t hurt y’all heads, just leave it to God and He will guide you. Just put your best foot forward.”

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