Monday 30 November, 2020

UPDATE: Former PM Owen Arthur in road accident

Motorists should avoid travelling in the area of Wanstead Main Road.

Police public relations officer, Inspecter Roland Cobbler told Loop News that motorists cannot access Wanstead Main Road because of an accident in that area.

He could not, however, confirm details as to the condition of those involved in the accident.

UPDATE [11:00 p.m.]: The road has since been opened and police are conducting investigations into the collision between a vehicle and a Route Taxi (ZR), which occurred around 5:30 p.m. along Wanstead Road at its junction with Wanstead Heights, St. Michael.

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, a resident of West Terrace, St. James, was the driver of the vehicle, while the ZR was being driven by Kemar Pile-Martin, 25 years of Deacons, St. Michael.

Arthur complained of neck pain and sought private medical attention.

Pile-Martin complained of pain to his left arm, while one of his passengers Deeana Grazette, 17 years of Redman Village, St. Thomas complained of pain to the left knee. They both also sought private medical attention.

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