Tuesday 26 May, 2020

Vendors satisfied with sales leading up to Christmas

Vendors located at the Cheapside Market in Bridgetown have reported that produce is selling like hot cakes. 

Loop News visited the market over the weekend to catch a glimpse of how the Christmas shopping was going. 

With this being the last shopping day before Christmas hundreds stocked up on herbs, fruits and ground provisions for their festive cooking. Word on the street was that the sweet potatoes were the hottest seller as shoppers dotted the streets dashing from vendor to vendor. 

Small artisan, 22-year-old Sarah Gibson said she recognized the sales were better in the morning than in the evening time, adding the front traffic became a little “dead”.  

“They would come and then question the prices. But sales have picked up so-so around this time. For sales to really boost though I would have to push the trolley to them. Sweet potatoes are selling the best along with cassava,” she said. “The ginger and yam is selling so-so.” 

One vendor who chose to remain anonymous said sales have been going quiet well for him. He plied his trade in the hot midday sun raking in plenty of cash with his fresh fruits and veggies.  

“Today I have garlic, carrot, beans, beets and oranges but I find that the beans have been selling the fastest. But everything is selling really well,” he said. 

Jamaican vendor ‘Moveagain’ told Loop News his sweet potatoes were selling fast along with the beans and onions. “Sales were not too bad, sales [are] good.” 

While Vendor Glyne Smith chimed in that “Sales are going good for me because I have things that people would want at Christmas time,” showing off his tray of avocados, guavas and juicy papaws. 

Rastaman and vendor Christopher Harris said he expected sales to significantly increase on Christmas Eve.  

“Things are not like one time but you could still get a sale. I can’t sit down and complain about sales, I have to use my brain to live- I can’t wait on people. You are getting a little better sale but nothing big is happening, it's not outstanding.”


Michron Robinson

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