Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Bradshaw: Cancer patients need advocates in their corner

Minister of Education and also breast cancer survivor, Santia Bradshaw, has made a call for more patient advocates to come forward and assist those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Bradshaw was the featured speaker at the Lunchtime Conversation event hosted by Resolution Life to celebrate Pink Day for Breast Cancer Awareness.



She said the process of being diagnosed with cancer and seeking treatment can be incredibly daunting and patients need to know there is someone in their corner, working to ensure they receive the best possible care.

“For those who are going through cancer treatment, I think that the area of patient advocacy is something that the medical profession needs to look at in greater detail. We have to ensure that we have the adequate support for persons who are going through this condition.

The area of patient advocacy will allow for persons to be able to have someone who can explain to them the medical terminology they may encounter along the way. Yes, you can go online and google but it was the constant reassurance I had from someone I was familiar with that could take me on the journey and give me certain reassurances and offer alternatives.”

Bradshaw first shared her cancer diagnosis with the public back in August 2018, just months after assuming the post of government Minister. In June of this year she completed chemotherapy therapy at a treatment facility in Miami, Florida and returned to work shortly after.

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