Sunday 21 April, 2019

VIDEO: Car washer asks, ‘Do you drive on the South coast?’

Abby and his colleague finishing a job.

Abby and his colleague finishing a job.

Recently, in the media, one car owner boldly said, she no longer washes her car herself, she pays someone, so the South sewage water is not an issue for her.

This prompted Loop News to find out if drivers are putting the health of car washers at risk unknowingly, or if they are informing them upfront about where their cars have been, prior to requesting a service.


Loop went to seek out car washers who are near the affected areas and travelled along Rendezvous Road where two of the sewer covers are leaking effluent onto the road. This road runs perpendicular to the South coast, in the Worthing stretch.

One car washer made it abundantly clear that he and his associate are taking precautions with South coast drivers.

Located in the parking lot which serves the Worthing Post Office, Massy Store and Peronne Village in Christ Church, Abby told Loop News that he is being very careful since the eruption of the South coast sewage issue.

He said he makes sure to ask drivers if they have been along the South coast, and they inform him ‘yes’ or ‘no’. However, with delight, he said that some customers actually volunteer the information before he gets to ask the question. They come and they say, “I went through the sewage water.”

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After every car, he says, “we sanitize,” but especially after cars, which traverse the hot spots along the South coast, and he added, “You can see the cars that are actually using the area.”

Asked if he is concerned, he said that he really does not get a lot of persons who frequent those areas, “We don’t get much people, like ZRs and stuff.”

In terms of wearing gloves while washing, he said that he chooses not to don a pair, because “gloves can actually cause an infection because if stuff goes in, it can’t get out and it goes under your nails, so no.”

Do you tell your car washer if you have driven along the South coast through the effluent, before the wash?

I never thought it was important

The parking area where he operates is less than one kilometre away from a sewer cover that looked like a water fountain yesterday and water spouted out the air holes in the lid.

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