Saturday 17 November, 2018

VIDEO: Crab Hill residents questioning stop and searches by police

A clip from the video being circulated reportedly from Crab Hill.

A clip from the video being circulated reportedly from Crab Hill.

This morning constituents of St. Lucy called their representative seeking reasons for why police were stopping and searching vehicles as they entered and exited the Crab Hill community this morning.

Loop contacted MP Peter Philips and he said that his constituents were indeed ringing him. "They just were expressing concern about the stop and searches. Not that they were, in my view, there was no anger, more kind of surprise and obviously wanting to know what was happening."


Philips told Loop just as he told his constituents, "I don't get in the way of the law enforcement agencies. They have to do their job. That's what they did. It might be an inconvenience but...they have to do what they have to do...

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"If that is what they chose or selected to do, well then they have to do their job and I'm certainly not going to get in the way of the law carrying out whatever job they deem fit, obviously once it is within the confines of the law."

Asked what the atmosphere and feeling are like in that particular St. Lucy community since the two shootings, two Sundays ago, September 30, 2018, and the subsequent arrest of three St. Lucy men including Andre 'Lord Evil' Blackman last week, in addition to the police issued wanted men notices for two other St. Lucy men this week, Philips said:

"I've visited the area on a number occasions and I find it to be very - well it's quiet, I would say. People are off the streets early, which is the intelligent thing to do. But there's no, life goes on generally from what I've seen, as normal. It's just people are not out at night."

Philips said that the reports he received all surrounded the Crab Hill area alone.

On Whatsapp, persons were sharing a message which stated:

"Police has [sic] all entrances and exits to Crab Hill blocked and are searching everything in and out both Police and Soldiers".

In videos being circulated via social media, Barbados Defence Force soldiers were also seen patrolling on foot through the area as well.

The Acting Police Public Relations Officer, Sargeant Michael Blackman is investigating the stop and searches at this time.


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