Thursday 29 October, 2020

VIDEO: Jamaican Father of 11 celebrates losing children to the State?

A screengrab from a video of a father expressing relief at having had his 11 children taken away by agents of the state.

A screengrab from a video of a father expressing relief at having had his 11 children taken away by agents of the state.

It is no secret that social media users will go to great lengths for clout or to get attention or likes for their social media pages.

A Jamaican man who claims to be the father of 11 children may have taken his motives too far, and has been receiving flak from social media users after releasing a video claiming to be rejoicing that his children were removed from his home by the authorities.

In the video, the man actually expressed relief at the supposed ‘easing of his burden’ of caring for the children.

The man, who seemed to be in his 30s, appeared in a two-minute video smoking marijuana and claiming that he was at his home with the children when personnel from the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) swooped down on his premises and took the children into state care.

Since the video was released, some social media users have been questioning the authenticity of the video and asking if it was actually a real-life situation or possibly a build-up to a music video.

Angry Jamaicans have argued that even if the video was a build-up to the release of a song, the message that the man was sending is disturbing.

“Right now mi free and can duh road. Free and single and ready to mingle,” the man said in the video, and invited women to consider linking with him

He even went further to say that he was willing to share information to any parents who wanted to similarly “rid themselves of their [parental] responsibilities”.

The man expressed relief: “Right now me nuh have to a buy no feeding, no pampers; me free from all of dem thing deh.”

But in relation to the shocking position of the man, some social media users who saw the video were dismayed, and made their position clear.

“This man really needs counselling,” commented one social media user.

“Clearly he is doing this for the likes or the release of a music video, but this can’t be the message that he is sending out to young people that they should shed their responsibilities,” said another user.

Not surprisingly, there was no support for his stance among the social media users who commented.

See a section of the video below.


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